Munich highend 2012 report

In depth report day one

Kuzma Stabi M with 4 point.

Stabi M have unique feature that will have a remote and it have 3.5 second until start so you won't miss any beat. Impressive. 60kg. Sides panels will be up to the choice. This is a impressive design with non resonant cover.

Consonance Audio

This is the brand that grow on much of audiofiles and one of the good values from early companies.

Thiel and Ayre

One of the best jewel like design in audio. With this company you cannot go wrong. Still not overly priced. Beauty on inside and outside.

JBL and Mark Levinson.

How this can be passed. JBL is a long stander and still in strong preferences worldwide and specially in Japan. Project array, everest.

Dr. Feickert

Serious turntables from. Firebird stand out as a sculptural piece. We wouldn't mind having this in our demo room.

Lipinski Sound

Happy sucsess in both pro and audiophile world.

BMC and Vivid Audio

BMC is rising star in high end world. Partnered with famous Vivid audio from the designer that created a legendary Nautilus speaker.

Ayon Audio

Larger then life it seems with its impressive appearance. This Austrian company already concurred larger part of Europe and lately USA.

Fish performance

Cables and audio ladder filters.

This looks rather serious and well designed. We set for exclusive test and review so follow our pages.

Bergmann Audio

Danish minimal at best. Air tonearm and platter are both sitting on the air .

Tim De Paravicini

No need to introduce this gentleman. Classical sound and appearance.

Project and Copland

Only Project offer offers such an array of product. From budget to high priced models. Everyone can find something for himself here.

Esoteric and Teac

Can we get more esoteric then this? Probably not. No hard brainer in what Esoteric excel. Always at steady but safe growth of products.


They presented new Taurus pre. With the strong demand from the market, this is a stand alone version of Taurus, but with more inputs.

Auralic Merak

Is a Class D amplifer with class A headphone.

Gemini is a new OTL preamplifer under auralic but with the new name. valvart.


Evolution E1 is their new speaker presented specially for Munich show. Driven by their DAC, preamplifer and two monoblocks.

What to say. Coherent, natural, lifelike. With all the nuances and this is only small series in their line. A stand out!

Pathos Audio

Italians do it better. No one nails it when it comes down to the purest italian design as Pathos audio. Very natural sound and a bit different feeling, then in TAD room. Perhaps more in the level of neutrailty, but its always hard to pin down the exact feelings under the audio show room conditions.

AMG, Aesthetics, Sumiko

AMG is a turntable to look out and watch. Some serious engineering. Benz Micro rings a bell?

Devialet and Wilson audio Sophia 3

What a sight for the eyes and aural landscape for the ears. White is the new chrom. Even at low volume Wilson Audio Sophia 3 speakers played transparent, vivid, with articulation and sense of pace. Synergy is all in audio and this combo is more, then well paired. Another highlight of the day one and positive forwarding into digital future.


Spirit one was introduced lately and it seems, that it floods the market quickly.

Grande Utopia EM you'll have to experience in person. This is object of art and the upper echelon of things.

YG Acoustics

Highlight of the day. We all three agreed, that sound was more then just above everything else at show from what we heard first day. It seems synergy with ASR and MSB was on top.

Matej Isak
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