Munich highend 2012 report Sonus Faber - Dan D'Agostino special event

Upper echelon

Dan gave the special introduction of his amplifiers in a closed exclusive press event along with Sonus Faber Aida, that only few of us were invited. his. He talked about how much efforts are put into Momentum amplifiers.

No feedback design was plan from the start, but the final version were made at around 5db of gain. Along with the testing and listening this he came up with few unique solutions.

It’s great to hear, that final tuning of the sound were made by listening and not only measuring it. Difference of such method is more then just noticeable.

Preamp wasn’t ready for the show, but he announced upcoming product. Stay tuned for and exclusive video with all the details.

Six to nine people are a steady working for under the Dan strict direction. Everything is build by hand and as far as I’m concerned Dan can be proud of his Momentum’s. For all of us that cherish watches, this is the only true Breguet of ultra high-end. One of the most prominent looking and sounding solid state amplifers.

Dance Macabre was specially chosen and played on the largest EAT turntable by lady, that assist at presentation.

Sonus Faber Aida is as impressive as it looks. This is much larger speaker, then you might think. Aidas were 4 meters away from the back walls and the sound they produced in combination with D’Agostino amplifiers was amazing. Honestly, I might not prefer the sound of Evolution and Futura, but this is completely different league. For the first and last time on the Munich show my hairs stood up by the electricity of excitement while the importer and host of the event played carefully chosen music.

We switched to the digital front end through the Audio Research DAC and enjoyed some natural classical swing vibe and “echtig” Swiss alp horn player. As expected digital sound brought out the dynamic and power even more for the presentation.

What can be said about the sound? It’s on the level of the price tag. Ultra transparent. For such a large speaker Aida never sounded larger then life. Studio recordings were not moved back as it often happens, but as they were. I for sure didn’t expect this kind of revelation. Thanks God for this experience and to Petra and Dan for private invitation. It was a pleasure to meet them both.

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