Sonus Faber new speaker. Aida mini?

Sonus Faber new upcoming speaker

There were quite some rumors circling at Munich 2012 highend audio show about upcoming new speaker from Sonus Faber. Like it or not Sonus Faber is an industry leader when it comes to the speaker design and market impact. As it seems, this speaker line will be much cheaper, then most of the people from audiophile society expected. Price shouldn't go over 3.000 EUR. Like many highend audio companies Sonus Faber will also bring down the technology from Aida to consumer level. We'll see how will this reflect in  new models, but knowing Sonus Faber philosophy I can fairly assume, that there will be both monitor and floor-standing models announced in this upcoming "strip down" Aida line.

After hearing Aida at Munich show this year, I'm confident, that they'll revealed something unique and and make it special. Both Sonus Faber Guarneri Evolution and Sonus Faber Amati Futura didn't warm my audiophile blood at sky high levels or boil it to extreme as you might already read in my Franco Serblin test. On contrary Aida made my hair stand up. Cannot recall when, that happened in past few years.

Some misunderstood my writings and Franco Serblin Accordo test - review. I owned quite some Sonus Faber speakers over the years and invested quite large funds into their different models. Being wrongly biased might not be the right word. Some of hard core Sonus Faber (then again I'm also one;)) owners and enthusiasts misunderstood my output. There is a way to respect something dearly and not being crazy about everything being manufactured or produced from the particular company under the scope.

For my third system Sonus Faber Elipsa Auditor speakers are on the way and they should arrive next week. Look forward for my Elipsa's and upcoming Aida "mini" beauties. Stay tuned for first insights and test soon at the pages of Mono & Stereo.

Matej Isak

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