Audio Solutions

New speakers from Lithuania 

Lithuania Audio Solutions represent fine crafted loudspeakers. Owner of company is  Gediminas Gaidelis and they started their production in the fall of 2011. 

Rhapsody 200 represent their top model. This is a 5-driver three-way with dual 9" woofers and twinned 15cm midranges, that covers 500Hz to 6500Hz. In this way the most important frequencies are in absence of filtering. 

Rhapsody 200 weight 54kg  and it's 1360mm tall. Cabinet is carefully build from four-layer walls. Top, bottom and back panels are 60mm thick while others are 32mm in size. 

They put a lot of attention to the point-to-point crossover, which is potted in a quartz-sand compound. Sensitivity differs in the range, but almost all speakers are around 90.dB. Their flagship speaker goes from 27 - 25.000Hz. 

Rhapsody range incorporate a custom 3rd-order Butterworth crossover. They include Jantzen Audio caps, MOX resistors, aircore inductors and drivers from Seas and SB Acoustics.

Stay tuned for upcoming exclusive review or Rhapsody 60 speakers.

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