New releases from 2L

New audio and sonic goodies from 2L

These two releases just came in today. Everything from 2l light up my emotions and lyrical urge. Look forward for the quiet night with these two piano works. Thanks Morten! Stay tuned for both album reviews.

Ola Gjeilo PIANO IMPROVISATIONS- Evocative, lyrical music for 1, 2 & 3 pianos

While my first piano album on the 2L record label, Stone Rose (2007), was all pre-composed or outlined, I wanted this 2012 sequel to be completely spontaneous. Although many of the pieces on this album are free improvisations recorded in one take, the first three tracks are fantasies around three of my own choral works; Ubi Caritas, Tota Pulchra Es and Prelude. Recordings of the original choral versions can be found on Phoenix Chorale's 2012 album, Northern Lights.

Producer Morten Lindberg suggested recording a few tracks where I would play layers of two or three pianos, which I thought was a great way to really exploit the surround sound potential on a solo album. We moved the piano between each take, eventually constituting a triangle, and the listener is sitting in the middle in a surround system setup.

As a pianist, improvisation is where my heart is. With this recording I wanted to express and share my passion for that art form.

Album details:

Pure Audio Blu-ray + Hybrid SACD
Recorded in DXD (Digital eXtreme Definition 352.8kHz/24bit)

5.1 surround and STEREO

Ola Gjeilo (pronounced Yay-lo) was born in Norway in 1978, and moved to America in 2001 to begin his composition studies at the Juilliard School in New York City. Presently a full-time composer and pianist based in the US, his published concert works are performed all over the world. Ola is also very interested in film, and his music draws a lot of inspiration from movies and cinematic music.

Download the complete opening track for free as AAC (iTunes file) This track is a solo piano fantasy around Ubi Caritas, one of Ola's a cappella choral works. He has performed this piece quite a lot with choirs, improvising around the vocal lines and

Thomas D.A. Tellefsen complete piano works (2L-080-PABD)

Thomas D.A. Tellefsen complete piano works- performed by Jørgen Larsen

The story of Thomas Dyke Acland Tellefsen (1823-1874) has a special place in the history of 19th century Norwegian music. In his own lifetime he earned an international reputation as a composer, piano virtuoso and teacher, enjoying a close relationship to Chopin both as a pupil and a friend. The connection to Chopin is reflected in several ways in Tellefsen's music, both in terms of choice of style and genre and by the fact that the majority of his works are for solo piano.

Pure Audio Blu-rayRecorded in DXD (Digital eXtreme Definition 352.8kHz/24bit)

5.1 surround and STEREO

3 hours and 18 minutes of music on one Pure Audio Blu-ray disc

Jørgen Larsen was born in 1958 and after winning the Youth Piano Master competition in 1973 he studied under Eva Knardahl. He had his debut concert in Oslo's University Hall in 1979 before being appointed accompanist at what was then Trøndelag Music Conservatory, now Institute of Music, NTNU, where he still teaches. Jørgen Larsen is a member of several chamber music ensembles, as well as being orchestral pianist with Trondheim Symphony Orchestra.

Given the monumental playing time of this program, Jørgen Larsen has extracted a 45 minutes recital as a playlist

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