Sonus Faber Elipsa Auditor

Little Elipsas

Sonus Faber Elipsa Auditor came in. It took some time to install them right; sound wise. Mounting is easy with enclosed kit and they do look wonderful once they happily ended on the right distance and exact high. Proper setting is most important with these little Cremona speakers. I was shocked, how much sound have changed when experimenting with proper positioning. You'll get from shocking hi-fi to the highend with few centimeters at leveling.

Elipsa behold same tweeter as in top of the range Stradivari. There is no lack of resolution, but careful matching with amplifier and other components is needed. I'll report later on about different amps, but for now Pathos InpolRemix performs the duties of power section. With style and grace so far :).

Yes, it's great to have the spirit of Sonus Faber again in house. These two speakers are no sized down second choice speakers, but well build and voiced ones. There is only one audio company with enough Italian design and sound to captivate audiophiles and music lover for years now. And it's still called Sonus Faber.

Stay tuned for more soon....

Matej Isak 

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