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Soul Impact

On friday I finally managed to find time and visit Miro at his SoulSonic HQ's. As passionate as he's about speakers and audio in general it's hard for him to keep still. Like Louis Motek of LessLoss and BoŇ°ko of BFAthose guys seems never to stay idle. They're knowledgeable and their inner-clock seems to tick way over 24 hours interval.  It's great to see people's passion materialised in more then working products. Products, that bring life back to music.

So what's new at SoulSonic? Upcoming Impact speaker prototype was finally in working state; to be seen and heard! Both Wave and Impulse were quite a visual standouts, but nothing will prepare you for the aesthetic impact of new Impact speaker. This time Miro went all the way. I still remember about half a year ago, when he described in confidence of what become todays finalised Impact. I was not sure how bended plexi, ribbon and only two bass drivers would work. You can say I was a bit sceptic Friday proved me wrong! No need for scepticism.

All the important aspects of Wave were there, but much more happened with new Impact. Upper resolution on highs opened up drastically. I told Miro it now reminds me of top two systems from this years Munich high-end audio show; namely Sonus Faber Aiida with Dan D'Agostino Momentum power amplifiers and MBL Audio reference system with MBL 101 X-treme. He Grinned of course :).

It's rare to hear the openness and articulation with such a fine reproduction. Feather like nuances flew in ether even at lower volume. Think MBL 101.E, but even more lifle-like and in absence of some omni-polar specific attributes.

I'm very hard judge when it comes to the real life dynamic and loud listening levels. Few speakers can manage to keep the pace of music and "rock on" at the higher dynamic levels. SoulSonic's Impact speakers haven't failed. With their new horn like plexi shaped see through ports, they gained some of the characteristics of great horn based speakers like Avantgarde. It seems that dispersion of mid, high and low works in conjunction into what it could be called balanced and articulated sound.

One of the hardest things for speaker to offer is a consistency across the genres. It's hard to find a speaker that behaves right for all kind of music. There are very few and those are sky high in needed funds. It seems and fells, that Miro Krajnc embodied one of such performers with Impact.

So far so much. Stay tuned for detailed exclusive world first review at Mono & Stere, where I could firmly confirm all above written in my system and my own listening conditions. Nevertheless I'm thrilled about performance so far and the pricing. Both promising a lot!

Matej Isak

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