Icon Audio Stereo 60P MkIIIm

Icon Audio’s First Stereo Power Amplifier Now Available

The Icon Audio Stereo 60P MkIIIm is a high-powered stereo amplifier designed to get the very best performance from virtually any pre-amplifier whether it is valve, hybrid, transistor, transformer or passive. It has no input selector. No volume control. It is a pure power amplifier in which the input socket is directly connected to the grid of the first valve.

The massive power supply, Low Distortion Tertiary (LDT) output transformers, and the excellent KT120 valve combine to produce a ground-shaking 80 watts per channel.  Ideal for users seeking a very fast and dynamic sound, the ST60P MkIIIm will deliver the power of rock music and the finest detail of modern recordings without harshness.  Some audiophiles prefer the sweetness of triode operation. The Stereo 60P MkIIIm is able to change from an ultralinear 80 watt per channel amplifier to a 40 watt triode amplifier at the flick of a switch.

High output valve amplifiers work better with ‘fixed’ bias but this needs occasional checking. The Stereo 60P MkIIIm features a built-in bias meter which greatly simplifies keeping the amplifier in peak performance.

Every amplifier is finished and tested by Icon Audio’s team of engineers in Leicester, and can be ordered as a ‘David Shaw Signature’ version featuring Jensen copper foil oil-in-paper capacitors and premium valves.

Features: Icon Audio Stereo 60P MkIIIm

·      Switchable ultralinear / triode operation modes
·      Class A triode front end
·      Switchable input sensitivity for use with both active and passive preamps
·      Custom hand wound Low Distortion Tertiary (LDT) output transformers
·      4 x KT120 output valves (compatible with KT88 / 6550)
·      2 x 6SL7 first stage valves
·      2 x 6SN7 output driver valves
·      OD3 valve voltage regulator
·      Hand wired “Point to Point” for the best sound quality and reliability
·      PTFE insulated silver plated pure copper wiring
·      Built-in ‘easy bias’ meter
·      Gold plated input and loudspeaker terminals
·      Attractive valve cover included
·      CE, ROHSS & WEEE compliant

Technical Specification: Icon Audio Stereo 60P MkIIIm

Output Power
80 W RMS ultralinear mode
35 W RMS triode mode
70 dB high sensitivity
20 dB low sensitivity
Frequency Response
20 Hz – 55 kHz ± 3 dB
Signal to Noise Ratio
-97 dB
Total Harmonic Distortion
0.25 % @ 40 W (1 kHz)
Power consumption
240 watts typical
500 watts maximum
Dimensions (H x W x D)
230 x 440 x 400 mm
35 kg
1 year

About Icon Audio

Icon Audio are located in Leicester, UK, and are devoted to the development and manufacture of valve amplification and associated hi-fi equipment including loudspeakers, headphone amplifiers and phono stages.

The Icon Audio philosophy in this ‘throw away world’ is to create audio products that sound superb, are beautiful, affordable and will last a lifetime. Everything in an Icon Audio amplifier is serviceable and replaceable from the valves themselves to substantial components such as the transformers.  Icon Audio are neither anti-digital nor anti-solid-state, but firmly believe that a good analogue signal fed through a well designed valve amplifier has a great deal to offer.

Each Icon Audio amplifier is designed by the company’s founder David Shaw. The products are then manufactured in Icon Audio’s own factory in China with final assembly, custom modifications and extensive testing taking place in Leicester, UK. Shaw regularly travels to China to manage both production and quality control, ensuring the performance and quality on which Icon Audio have built their reputation.

All Icon Audio products are available for demonstration by appointment at their premises in Leicester and also via a small dealer network.

UK selling price (Inc.  VAT)

Icon Audio Stereo 60P MkIIIm                                                                 £2199.95
Icon Audio Stereo 60P MkIIIm David Shaw Signature                 £2679.95


Consumer contact

Icon Audio
351 Aylestone Road

Tel:                 0116 244 0593
Fax:                 0116 244 0593
Email:                        sales@iconaudio.co.uk
Web:               www.iconAudio.com

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