Unique Acoustics Antique speaker

 Unique Acoustics Antique intriguing new speaker takes classical looks with elaborate design and manufacturing... 

It took Unique Acoustics nine years of intensive theory and practice development in the field of acoustics, in particular the designing of speaker cases. Eventually Unique Acoustics managed to devise a product with unique set of characteristics, each characteristic being a technical innovation that guarantees perfect sound reproduction.

In its acoustic systems the Unique Acoustics company realized the concept of signal transmission through the wideband driver. The driver construction makes it possible to exclude crossover filter and make the audio signal path shorter by connecting the driver directly to the input terminals. The total distance from the input terminals to the driver is not longer than 25 cm. In the wideband driver a single membrane reproduces the whole frequency range, thus reconstructing a most accurate sound picture. The famous Fostex drivers are used in Unique Acoustics speakers; before being installed into speakers these drivers undergo the process of required custom optimization to meet the Unique Acoustics demands.

Another exclusive Unique Acoustics innovation is the wide dispersion horn, the so called “Omni Horn” system. It is a thoroughly balanced part of the system, optimized to

perfectly fit the wideband drivers.

The Antique model is not simply the first marketing step of our company in the world market of acoustics. While developing the Antique system concept, we spared no effort to minimize the intervention into the sound flow. We managed to produce a device with a unique set of characteristics, each characteristic being a technical innovation of the company and a guarantor of perfect sound transmission.

The main activity of Unique Acoustics is to develop innovative acoustic systems for home listening, home cinema systems and other installations at any complexity level which have no world analogues. Our company also offers the most up to date developments in the field of acoustic, intercomponent and network conductors and tube electronics.

The application of modern technologies and the implementation of the company’s own solutions, the use of the best materials, manual assembly by qualified professionals, the limited number of articles of each model – all these factors have enabled Unique Acoustics to enter the market with its own brand.

Our specialists have devoted nine years to theory and practice in the field of acoustic research.The main challenge of this multi-year work was to find the uncompromising solutions in developing the systems and the components capable not only to accurately reproduce and reliably convey the musical content to the listener but also remain as acoustically neutral as possible.


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