Active Vibration Isolation Desktop Unit halcyonics i4 series

Abstract the halcyonics i4 is a state- of-the-art active benchtop vibration isolation system from accurion. aside from  its low-profile carbon design, the i4 has expanded ap- plication capability. Main features are the automated transport locking mode and fully automatic load adjust- ment which makes the handling extremely straightforward. It takes only a few seconds to start up the halcyonics_i4. No adjusting or tuning is required.

the control panel is self- explanatory and the entire system is controlled by only three buttons. this enables the user to completely con- centrate on the application.

Because of its slim dimen- sions and broad load range, the halcyonics_i4 is a multi- functional active vibration isolation system for a variety of applications. this allows you flexibility for future applications with just one model – the halcyonics_i4.

• Scanning probe microscopy (AFM, SNOM, STM, etc.)
• Inverse microscopy
• Confocal scanning microscopy
• Profilometers • Nanoindentation • Micromanipulation • Ultramicrotomes • Ultra-precise scales • ... and many more 600 nm

AFM image with active vibration isolation of: SiC (0001) Wafer with 1–3 monolayers of graphene, evapo- rated with gold – formation of approx. 1 nm high gold-clusters

Features & BeNeFIts

• Isolation in all six degrees of freedom
• Active vibration isolation starts at 0.6 Hz (passive isolation above 200 Hz)
• Exceptionally compact dimensions
• Compact and portable
• Automatic load adjustment and transportation lock
• Ideal for isolating high- resolution measurement equipment from building vibrations
• AC power from an electri- cal outlet is sufficient; no compressed air supply is needed
• Excellent position stability – inherent stiffness typically 20-30 times higher than that of a 1 Hz passive isolator
• Low voltage electromag- netic actuators
• No natural low frequency resonance and, as a re- sult, excellent vibration characteristics also in frequency ranges below 5 Hz • Settling time of only 0.3 s
• Two-year warranty
• Quality control proce- dures and long term tests

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