Divine Acoustics new speaker Alya

Piotr from Divine Acoustics just announced his brand new speaker Alya. Here is more info, background and few pictures of Divine Acoustics new beauty...


You cannot break or go around the laws of physics, but they can be used skillfully and make small speaker able to create a full sized sound stage and natural-sounding instruments.

Alya speakers are a rare combination of wide-range speaker with a tweeter. They amaze with its space and dynamics. They show sound quickly, smoothly, naturally. With Alya you can hear what the word musicality means.

Transducers & Design:
The heart of Alya speakers constitutes the 11cm (4in) wide-range speaker, which works in precisely dampened closed cabinet designed according to the CRCdesign (Cabinet Resonance Control design) system. Cabinet is made of materials with different damping factors. It has been prepared and attenuated especially to work with that wide-range speaker.

Speaker has reinforced, ribbed and uncoated cellulose diaphragm with a weight less than 6 grams, soft rubber surround and vented magnet system with a diameter of the diaphragm. Thanks to the BAD (Bascet Accurate Dampening) system, loudspeaker basket resonances are precisely matched to the resonance of the cabinet and also to diaphragm resonances.

The effect of these treatments is the ability to process by full range speaker 7 octaves with very low distortion and balanced level. Speakers can also work at high excursion and produce high levels of volume without distortion.

Reproducing of high tones, higher than wide range speaker works, has been given to 20mm (3/4in) silk dome with double neodymium magnet and ferrofluid cooling. The tweeter also features a BAD system.

Responsibility of joining the speakers has been given to the crossover with 2nd order filters with phase and impedance correction. Filters were chosen very carefully to get the most natural sound transmission and the reproduction of the space. The crossover is built using high quality components: all capacitors are polypropylene Jantzen Audio, coils are wound oxygen-free copper wire, and resistors are metallic and non- inductive. 

High tones filter uses RFpath system: series and parallel resistors has been eliminated from the signal path coming to the tweeter, which significantly improves the reproduction of small signals.

The crossover contains also an SGP (Single Ground Point) system: geometric layout of the elements on the board allows to create a single point of ground for all crossover elements and connection wires.

The wiring of wide-range speaker is made of high purity OFC 2,5mm2 twisted litz, tweeter receives Signac via single OFC 0,7mm2 lacquered R-core wires. Single connection terminals are gold plated.

Favourite configuration:
Alya speakers are designer to work as high quality home ciemna, also as a stereo set in smaller rooms. Alya can be mounted on Wall, can be put on shelf or on especially prepared stands.

In home cinema system Alya can work as front and rear speaker. Maia center speaker will complement the system. That kind of 5.0 set will require a subwoofer selected according to the size of the listening room.

As a stereo set Alya will work best with tube amplifiers (also with low power amplifiers) and with class A solid state amplifiers.

Alya and Maia are available In these finishes:

African Ebony, Wild Zebrano, Black Abyss (extra charge)

On order:
Macassar, Magic Venge, extra charge: Burning Red, Cool White(also with white leather)

Center speaker MAIA will join to offer in October 2012.

Technical data on www.divineacoustics.com

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