High Fidelity Cables first impressions

Yesterday I managed to connect High Fidelity Cables CT-1 interconnects and CT-1 digital cable into my main system. It was late night session so I only had good two hours for first impressions. I'll reveal more in due time with my listening notes combined, but I can report happily that guys from  High Fidelity Cables done something more then right! What I can clearly recall from this first session is neutral, dynamic and as someone on Facebook mentioned, an organic feeling. Going through my few "check in" tracks everything was balanced and open. 2L latest new album Quiet Winter Night is a great example of open, natural record. CT-1 interconnects and CT-1 digital cable seems to conway the ambience and emotions on the right scale. This is very promising and refined product. Excited? Yes, you bet!

So much so far. Enjoy few more pictures below and more info in due time. 

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