Estelon Audio new Model XB speakers

I've seen the bigger brothers of Model XB in person this year and was very impressed by the unique looks and design. I'm sure the sound I heard wasn't the best possible due to the electronics used at the exhibition (no I wont mentioned company, but it the one that keep on proving my point of hifi sound for the high-end price). Along with Vivid Audio, Estelon are on my short list of a must hear speakers! Here is official info...

The Model XB is much awaited addition to the Estelon X-Series. Sharing the similar E-lon shape with XA and X Diamond, it is a smaller speaker designed for smaller listening rooms (suggested room size 20-50 m2) while keeping the hallmark of Estelon loudspeakers – the exceptionally wide imaging, deep sound staging and thrilling life like dynamics.

The Model XB will surprise a listener with very defined and unexpectedly deep bass, clear and articulate mid and extremely good dynamics in high frequencies. The Model XB is capable of reproducing the finest nuances of music.

Cabinet Design – As for all the Estelon loudspeakers, chief among the physical design elements of the Model XB is the use of E-lon c

abinet form, having been developed and honed over a five year period. The E-lon shape is a result of choices of material and time-honored construction techniques, a special casting process, the use of a proprietary marble based composite and the extensive use of sub-structural stiffening spars that break up resonance nodes and creates an internal acoustic chamber of non-parallel sidewalls that is all but immune to unwanted standing waves that can cause a colored sound. As a result – Estelon speakers have a very natural and balanced sound. During the final hand-assembly process each speaker is individually tuned to maintain uniformity from unit to unit. Unusual in its defined form, the results of this cabinet construction allows it to be easily couple with even difficult room acoustics – allowing bass to roll effortlessly into the listening space.

Transducers – The drive units employed are the highest expression of transducer design – German made Accuton ceramic drivers. The 220 mm bass driver uses a special ultra stiff ceramic – sandwich dome. The mid-bass unit is a sophisticated design with particular attention paid to the titanium voice coil former and the surrounding air gap to provide maximum freedom from dynamic compression in conjunction the use of a special ultra stiff ceramic dome – valued for its midrange neutrality, is mated to its own acoustic enclosure. All moving elements of the driver are ventilated for resonance free response. Likely to other X Series speakers, this unique technology allows the XB to produce bass and dynamics that belie the size of the loudspeaker enclosure. The new 25 mm high frequency driver has ultra hard ceramic dome and no ferrofluid filling. A double neodymium guarantees low energy storage and excellent heat transfer.

Each drive unit is “broken in” by running a signal through them for several hours before selecting matching pairs of drivers for each speaker pair. When drivers in matching pairs, another „break in“ with special signal is conducted. Finally, drivers are fitted into the finished cabinet for individual tuning.

Crossover – A “minimalist” design 2nd order crossover is used mainly for the natural sound such a design affords. All component parts used, as well as the application of specific internal wiring, are of the highest quality and were chosen through extensive listening tests based on subjective musicality. Crossover with Teflon hybrid capacitors and air core inductors is incased in a separate chamber. Often, seemingly minor changes greatly affect the final sound! Such attention to detail is readily apparent upon first hearing. The result – a totally coherent signal path, a claim proved out based from extensive A/B listening.

Finish – Just as in the making of a great musical instrument, the finish has also an influence on the final sound! After casting, the proprietary marble based composite is allowed to age, prior to the application of a multi layer internal resonance compound. Only after this time consuming process does the preparation of the surface of the cabinet commence. Manual labor hand sanding and sealing, layer upon layer, applied using an elaborate and time-consuming procedure. And finally the multiple coats of the lacquer finish is applied – hand sanding accompanying each finishing coat. Final polishing – to a mirror-like or matte finish, again, is done by hand. The Estelon XB is offered in a choice of liquid gloss or matte finishes or the optional/premium finishes.

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