Goldenote vinyl Gil Evans Out of the Cool and Strauss Reineir Also Sprach Zarathustra

So here they are. Reviews of first two releases from Goldenote records label. Fritz Reiner and Gil Evans on 180 gram pure virgin vinyl...

Richard Strauss Also Sprach Zarathustra - Fritz Reiner and Chicago Symphony 

Richard Strauss Also Sprach Zarathustra conducted by Fritz Reiner and Chicago Symphony brings us the classical record recognised even by non classical fans. Who can forget the legendary lower C note in the beginning of Kurbick's Odyssey 2001. No other song could evoke such a sublime and grand revelation of things infinite.

From the first tracking of needle through this vinyl the feeling of orchestra, dimension and atmosphere was right. When violins and brass sections kicked in there was no doubt about right timbre and colour. It can easily go wrong with mastering. One can quickly under or over achieve with getting sound right.

After the thunder like intro when Strauss takes us to more open and less dramatic score, everything on this 45 RPM vinyl was intimate and with enough bloom. We discussed the emotional impact of this remastered vinyl with my wife. She's always a great and welcomed pair of ears. Sense of the happening was there and nothing holds against the perception that draws us to resemblance of the live music event. No need for a reminder how this album is no brainer and an exclusive-limieted Goldenote pressing is another evident attribute for a must have.

Gil Evans Out of the Cool

There is no second guessing with Gil Evans timeless stamp in orchestration and arrangements. His outstanding work with Miles Davis, brought on few occasions to perhaps a most influential blend of classical and jazz music. Out Of Cool is just an continuum of his previous genious.

Album first song "Le Nevada" lights up an unmistakable energy and emotions. Recall of "Concierto De Aranjuez" endless intimate universe engraving is carved within the note progression and harmony. As already stated in my review announcement this is a legendary album that deserve a proud place in every musical library. The mixture of songs is a short journey of jazz defined. After all those years album still sounds fresh, original and potent. There is a vibrant change of moods across the whole album and particular Goldenote release is open, spacious and in the manner of great analog "fashion." Most of us remember passed limited releases with great enthusiasm. I'm not sure which masters did Maruzio and teams sourced for this album, but there is almost no lacking for more here. Sound itself in a celebration and reminder of a glorious jazz era. Instruments are well balanced and miked closer. What counts the most with these release is an energy that flows towards the listener. Unbridged and un-compromised.

Goldenote efforts in brining back the analog with these two releases couldn't make my passion for analog more revived. They're bringing quite few new titles even before the end of the year, so expect more vinyl goodies from this Italian high-end venture. Stay tuned for more info on upcoming titles and reviews in the upcoming weeks.

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