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The S3-BT is an active loudspeaker set featuring high fidelity (apt-X and AAC) Bluetooth wireless connectivity. It’s designed to fit your modern lifestyle and decor while also delivering a level of audiophile-quality that many dedicated enthusiasts have longed for – wirelessly.

Bluetooth (BT)-enabled devices are now commonplace, but most have always had one weakness: a mediocre sound quality. While many BT speakers work well for basic applications, they really are not able to deliver high quality sound, at least not by NuForce standards. That is because they employ the old and inferior “SBC” codec. In contrast, the NuForce S3-BT is based on the latest “apt-X” codec, which was developed to enable the kind of crystalline sound that NuForce customers have come to expect. Apt-X is the latest Bluetooth standard which makes it possible to reproduce audio in CD quality, this thanks to a compression rate of just 4:1. With apt-X codec audio stored as a FLAC, an Apple lossless or a PCM file can be reproduced in a extreme high quality level. There is even no comprimation of mp3 and AAC files, as long as the bitrate is less then 350Kb.

Regardless of how the signal is delivered to it, every speaker is still a speaker at its core, so sound quality always depends on the fundamental principles of speaker design, including the materials used. NuForce kept this in mind when designing the S3-BT, which we built upon a platform of advanced design and superior components. The woofer is constructed using a proprietary “anti-resonance” cone technique and powerful magnet assembly, while the tweeter is a custom soft-dome design known among audiophiles for offering the lowest distortion and smoothest natural response.

In its “standard mode” out-of-the-box form, the S3-BT with apt-X codec offers exceptional Bluetooth performance. Even so, for those hardcore audiophiles who demand the highest level of wireless fidelity, we have made the S3-BT upgradeable by including an additional set of analog inputs in the design. This allows the user to bypass the Bluetooth connection in favor of using NuForce ownAir DAC Wireless system, or even a wired connection.

The advantage to using the NuForce Air DAC is that is was designed to achieve a level of 16-bit performance that simply is not possible with the Bluetooth standard. As good as Bluetooth with apt-X is, the S3-BT mated with the NuForce Air DAC sounds even better.
Whether you choose to use the S3-BT’s “standard mode” Bluetooth wireless, or upgrade its sound with the Air DAC system, the S3-BT offers a much needed, audiophile-grade alternative to mediocre wireless sound. Do not settle for less than the best any longer, get the clarity, detail and power all NuForce products are known for, with the NuForce S3-BT.
Pricing and Availability
The NuForce S3-BT is now available  for a suggested retail price  of €319 or £269 including VAT.
For more information on the S3-BT or other NuForce products:
please contact NuForce EU representative Tony Boer at +31 (0)493 744029

Volume control, track and input selection
Advanced Bluetooth technology with APTX and AAC support
Wireless and wired connections

1” soft dome tweeter (per speaker)
3,5” composite paper cone woofer (per speaker)

Maximum power output:             2 X 18W RMS
Harmonic distortion:                      < 0,5% 1W 1kHz
Frequency response:                     50 Hz – 20 kHz
Signal/noise ratio:                          >75 dB
Separation:                                        >45 dB

Speaker output on right channel unit: five-way binding posts
Speaker input on left channel unit: five-way binding post
Analog input: RCA jacks
USB Charger Port: 5v 1A output, strictly for charging mobile devices only (no audio/data transmitting)
Bluetooth wireless connection: Bluetooth core version 4.0 with apt-X, SBC, AAC codecs: A2DP and AVRCP profiles
About NuForce
Based in Milpitas, California , USA and also having service and warehouse locations in  Deurne (The Netherlands), Tapei (Thailand), Hong Kong  and  Xian (China), NuForce first gained visibility for its patented audiophile-grade Class-D power amplifiers, earning numerous awards from audio publications in the U.S. and Japan. Building upon its reputation as a company that developed state-of-the-art audio products, NuForce worked diligently to expand its product line with digital-to-analog converters, in-ear and over-the-ear headphones, speakers and subwoofers, cables, additional home and headphone amplifiers, and other high-end audio accessories. Simple elegant with superior sound quality in every product is the signature of NuForce brand.
Today, NuForce is sold internationally and remains firmly committed to being a high-performance consumer electronics company adhering to stringent quality standards, ensuring integrity and value in every NuForce product.
Media Contacts Europe:

Tony Boer
+31 493 744029

EU master Distributor
Audio Distribution Europe BV

UK, Benelux and Germany Distributor:
Robytone BV

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