April Music Eximus S1s and DP1 first impressions

Just few head-ups. Both Eximus S1s and DP1 seems to be opening up. While they are no not over the "factory" burn-in time period, changes are getting interesting. More serious and in depth listening is on the track. Intriguing enough, from the last listening impressions, I must confess, that this seems to be a quite a step up in Class D performance. My experience with class D brings me back to first Tact amps (and at least dozen), that a lot of print magazines were raving about to the max, but when tested in my system, I didn't even want to write up an finish review... Sound was so wrong and bad! Is it possible, that something is happening that could change this wicked reputation?

When used with DP1, and in bridged mode S1s's really start to build on a different story. Not sure how much sound will change along the way, but so far; what can I say? Eximus S1s's are might still not in the full domain of Class A or AB (for what ever this means by today standards), but I'm starting to wonder about the real possibility of fully burned in devices under review. Yes, the nature of the sound is different then what we're used to experience. Quite different! What is more correct and real is a subject of discussion. While I saw and heard both commercial and DIY Class D projects come and go; and mostly failing in correct reproduction of music, Eximus S1 opens up a new realms to consider. Synergy of system and everything included screams for the liquidity and careful matching. There are no mistakes to be made as everything is revealed at once. Now, that could be argued within of domain of so called inherent high frequency fatigue of switching amps. Again, not sure how strong these holds anymore. Something did change and what was done right I'll have to find out in due time. Sit, listen, read and write. What intrigues me is an absence of listening fatigue. I sure needed a day or two (or a week to be honest) in reprogramming my mind from ad hoc imprint we all got about this technology. Most interestingly, when coming out of "cave" there was some sort listening flow, that did't drove me away from music. In fact almost four hours went by and hitting the early morning hours with my last session. 

This happen in combination with Sonus Faber Elipsa Auditor speakers. Elipsa's character is a bit on the warm side. Not traditionally Sonus Faber warm like, but more contemporary one. Quite possible this could be a a thing of great matching. Wilson Sasha's come to mind. There was a public reported synergy with Eximus S1 and Wilson's on few occasions. Interestingly enough, Devialet and Sophia was of involving performance at this year Munich high end show and something that already brought up an insight of things to come.  Now I won't go in complete elaboration, but there must be some connection with specific speakers voicing and how everything convey the music. 

Anyhow. Perhaps something evolutionary might be coming along. It too soon to jump to a strong conclusions as this is my reentering into the Class D and switching amplifiers. Class A and AB are strongly imprinted within my audio nerve system, but as things are coming in a big way for this technology it would be to egocentric and completely narrow minded to avoid this movement like still many audiophiles do. Generally  If technology serves in the purpose of music, then this is what supposed to matter. Othewise we're might just be some crazies  holding to some "safe" grounds. Let things evolve and I'll tune in along with more insights. Full blown review will follow in due time. 

Again thanks to Dmitry Valdin of Transparent Acoustic www.transparent-acoustic.de for the review units.

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