Astin Trew AT3500 plus CD player

No absence of CD medium

It seems that CD medium is still not completely in absence. I just signed few exclusive collaborations with audio labels and among the mediums of listening pleasure CD's still holds an important spot. For the needs of Mono & Stereo Astin Trew CD player will be the main music machine for all the upcoming releases listening test.

A review machine

AT3500 plus is the continuing of AT3500. It adds super pure single crystal copper internal cabling and damping of components bonded to many of the I.C.'s on the DAC board. Everything feels well tough out and AT3500 design is unique and actually i quite like.

Musical value

I didn't hear the original, but AT3500 plus is a remarkable valued musical performer. 6922 Electro-Harmonix adds a warmer (on natural side) presentation and enough musical impact to extract much needed information from the zeros and ones. I compared AT3500 plus to my list of current DAC's and Astin Trew is no second choice. It might not have the transparency of the upper range, but what it's most important is there. For me the emotions interplay and sense of of event is on the top of the "must" list. 

Under the hood

Astin Trew AT3500 plus is based on Philips CD12 mechanism. In the DAC section a Burr Brown PCM1738 is the key to redbook conversion. There is SPDIF out, that ensure an outboard DAC connectivity, but as I want a separate unit for my disc reviews I'll stick to the RCA outputs. As with vinyl somehow the whole ritual of one machine and physical medium is still important to me.


Wit and stylish remote let you operate with everything needed; dim, tracks, skips, program etc. There is also a 24/96 up-sampling option. This opens sounds a bit and add a different, perhaps more analog like presentation. As usually my notes assured me that late night listening is the "only" way to spend the quality time with any gear under review. Only that time is lucid enough to distinct all the little nuances that makes the differences in perception.
Music Machine

As my musical library CD collection is quite large and upcoming releases are still represented strongly with this medium Astin Trew AT3500 plus CD player will perform the respected duties of main redbook music machine. I'll go more in depth in due time.

Tech specs: 
Output level: 2V (RMS) at 1 kHz, 0dB
Frequency response: +0 / - 3 db 1Hz>200kHz
Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.005% at line output (775mv nom) 
Output impedance: 1.5 ohm 
Signal to noise ratio: -100 db line output 
Buffer Valve: 1 x 6922 Electro-Harmonix
Mains voltage: 220-240V at 50Hz
Power consumption: 30W
Dimensions: W 430mm D 346mm Ht 110mm inc. feet
Net Weight:  6.5 Kg 

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