Music Tools ISOsquare

Cristiano Bastianelli's  Music Tools ISOsquare modular audio rack finally got the deserved attention. It takes much more time to reorganise whole system that one usually expect to. Few hours quickly morph into whole working day.  I'm quite surprised and impressed by the quality, design and aesthetics of this audio rack. Surely didn't expect the solidity and refinement in such dose. Everything is laid out in elegant way and it shows, that many energy and thinking went into initial state of design. There is more then enough space even for preamplifiers of non standard proportions like Robert Koda Takumi K-10, which is higher then usual preamps. Each modular rack can be fine adjusted with spikes for fine balance. The same works for "spiked" shelfs. Like it! 

Whole appearance and design gives that unmistakable high end proud feeling. Some rack have it some fail with their appearance. It's the mater of designer ability and vision to convey right balance and proportions. What can I say? Italians do it better for sure comes handy in one short description!

You can see only two modular rack in the picture above. The third, bigger one is reserved for Mono & Stereo turntable. I'll post few more high-res pictures in few days to outline the basic design and wonderful design. Stay tuned for a a whole review in due time.

Modular designed shelves dedicated to audio equipment. Each shelf is made by welded steel structure and a wood sandwich with special damping compound in between.
The upper wood shelf is “floating” and is not in touch with the bottom one. This system eliminates undesired vibrations and resonances.

  • Each shelf (sold separately) is available in two different heights (28 and 38 cm) which may be added as your system grows
  • filled structure and tuned with FILLIN damping compound
  • stove-finished with plastic soundproofing paint
  • adjustable plated brass spikes to the floor
  • adjustable plated brass spikes between body structure and top shelf
  • shelf made by wood sandwich and damping compound, thickness of 28 mm (12+4+12 mm)
  • load capacity each shelf 120 Kg

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