Ologe Acoustic ONE and FIVE test review

Ologe Acoustic ONE and FIVE. Acoustic Monitors with Style

Even a brief observer of high-end audio happenings of past few years can notice dramatic changes. Well if it would be all for the matter of changes in advancement, then rejoice… Whole high-end society has come to the point where the basic core of its virtual constitution was shook by the dramatic trends of financial waves and new born consumer needs.

Dramatic changes in high-end?

We can say from unattached distance, that this might bring more positive attributes then negative ones. Why so? It’s becoming clear, that upmarket of high-end audio is becoming a luxury standard in which only few can gaze. It’s often not even a thing of high end and high performance, but only a matter of high style. Does this evenly relate to the quality of audio reproduction? I’m sorry to say no for the largest part of products.

Past few years my inner urge of personal clarity let me to debunking more myths, fogs and so often used “snake oils.” I cannot go into details about certain things behind the scenes, but let Google be your friend. Upon, stumbling on facts that might clearly wicked your mind with the objective truths, one need to step beyond “safe” grounds we used to in high-end and make a clear distinction what and who to value. I’m not going into names (in due time I might even do so). But, when seeing exact same OEM modules or even whole circuits being used in some of the most recognized brand names of high-end audio fame in the same way as in entry level of no name audio brands, things do change for me in big way. There is no way my view of the high-end audio world is left untouched. It’s clear how for many manufacturers time investment and fair dealings with customers just stopped. They simply want to charge within the domain of brand name for what it becomes a pale image or mirage of past high-end glory that have had actually something to do with quality of sound. Do your self a service and invest some time in net searching. While Internet brought many ill potent things it can be a often used as a vial tool for the wit and open-minded persons on the so-called audio quest for highest possible audio reproduction.

We can argue all day long about how everyone’s money a person own darn thing to worry and spend. Yet; high-end audio main internal movement concern supposed to be a reproduction of music of the highest degree. I can understand and respect quality, research and hand work being paid like in other branches of consuming market where we know things of prestige. Again, I love to think that it’s reviewers and for that sake audio critics duty to observe and report boldly on how this fake upper echelon affects high-end audiophile society.

To sum up my intro and make it avid in it’s attention… A new wind that floats with a sharp breeze of global market brought up many new audio companies. Those new comers are opening up the new chapter in the book of high-end audio. Let us just briefly observe amazing impact and revolution of Head-fi for example. Being the largest place that embraced headphone enthusiast from whole globe, head-fi impact is a clear sign audio future that is already happening right here, right now. The whole concept showed that there is more then needed movement of down to earth and fair dealings between audiophiles and manufacturers. Transparent way of business with customers and their wholehearted fast support is jointly making new progression. This energy is finally coming to the high-end audio with bigger steps each year. Value for money, transparent companies policies, honestly made product and seamless interactional energy between customers and audio companies are opening new grounds. They create a new set of rules. I strongly declare that is a must for all of us high-end audio reviewers-critics to stand out and help shape this new world. To become a via medium in connecting the both parties in interest. Our mileage, experience, close connection to the audio manufactures and people involved in this industry can healthy shape a place where matured consumer demand for things of high-fidelity audio reproduction meet with great fair companies.

Much of my work as reviewer became kind of bridge preaching and acting as out spoke person for both parties involved. Its evolving and interactional role. With the advance of social medias and by the means of fast communication whole correspondence is more efficient, quicker and with this fast-forwarding word (un)popular demand of instantly unabridged respond.

From this audio motion energy each year new collaborations are coming up at Mono & Stereo. Manufactures no longer seek for a quick impression, one minute highlights, but for a solid, fast and continuum medium of the world market.

In that way Ologe Acoustic and Mono & Stereo paths crossed. I’m happy to frequently reveal new products and brands with real people behind them. Passionate, emotionally charged and with love for music.

Meet Ologe Acoustics.

I would kindly urge you to read my interview with Ologe Acoustics to set basic grounds of understanding this global brand. You’ll find great insights into their way of seeing things audio and how their passions and visions are transformed final materialized products.

Ologe Acoustic ONE and FIVE

Both ONE and FIVE represent Ologe Acoustic first two products in their speaker line called Acoustic Monitors You can explore their whole product line at their site: www.ologe-acoustic.com

Packaging and manuals

You can tell a men character not only when he start speaking, but from also the way he dresses. I’m not talking about expensive covering, but careful and tasty outfit. Ologe Acoustic put much effort into the quality and integration of packaging and shipping boxes. As with material being used in FIVE and ONE, there is no second choices or accidental materials in cartoon boxes. You can always use general fill in at fit materials, but it’s great to see when company puts their mind into a safe and pleasant way to deal with their product. From my perspective it only show how much they cherish their hard work.

Aesthetic impact and shape

We’re all aware how important design became for audio equipment past few years even in high-end audio. It’s hard to pin down if form followed function in creational state of Ologe Acoustic speakers, but whole concept feels like a matured and expertly carved product. As I’ll report later, sound was never of second nature, but set as a primal goal. What later become a finished product just resolve clever engineering and great feel for in house environment design. With any sealed and box enclosure you have to be more then careful about so many variables in to escape the typically boxed sound. Speaker designer that I respect highly commented how the path which Ologe Acoustic took is one of few “right” ones. Flat sealed chassis leads to the absence of typical boxed enclosure problematic inherited flaws and well balanced sound is much more easy to achieve.

Modularity and practicality

Both Ologe Acoustic ONE and FIVE can be used in four different settings. Namely Abase, Astand, Rostrum and Amount.

Abase is a heavy molded speaker stand that solidly and very cleverly takes a mounting of both ONE and FIVE. It’s designed in such way that whole speaker is aligned back for the best dispersion of sound from the ground position. This helps in great radiation of sound and with Abase both left and right speakers transcend the basic role of sounds boxes. They seamlessly blend into to the environment. I have few different spaces for demoing and testing new equipment. For burn in I mounted them on Abase and in all new room. The essence of elegance was unmistakable. My wife is generally not a fan of most speaker designs, but both ONE and FIVE were love at first sight. White ONE’s got quickly a cute remark of Mickey Mouse and FIVE, using her words shined with costly pedigree appearance.

Astand is self-explanatory. This is standard stylish floor mounting stand that raise speakers to the ear level. It act also as stylish add on and connect speakers with environment.

Now, Amount is a unique and special. It takes much of Ologe Acoustic’s pride. This must be industry most refined wall mounting system, with which you can with ease and precisely set the correct tone in locking speakers with quality and safe grip.

Rostrum comes as a heavy “guard” stand that lift the speaker to position where all frequencies got more dispersion and everything is present in even more direct and dynamic way. Heavy league feeling acts as frequency absorber and resonance de-coupler.


Ologe Acoustic FIVE gives no second guesses on its nature. It’s loudly radiate with bold message: “I’m a performer!” Having always quite an array of gear on my hand I happily exposed FIVE to Gryphon Atilla, YBA Passion 650, Mactone MH-300B, April Music Eximus S1S, Goldenote SP-2 and few others. Ologe Acoustic FIVE nature allows both solid state and tubes to let music pass through to the room with speed, attack and emotions without breaks and stops. Even Mactone MH-300B 24 watts were enough to bring out the epic center of emotional impact. When mounted on Abase more careful consideration is needed regarding close to corner installation. With this installation lower frequencies are a bit trickier to deal with, but smart little changes within the room objects is of great assist. When lifted and positioned on a higher plane, FIVE’s reveals their audiophile core openheartedly. They get more close to the feeling of event and energy of music. The motion of sound is flowing without constraints. This translated to the earth language stands for emotional exchange.


To call it a litter brother of FIVE would be an understatement. With ONE Ologe set a bar above what can be expected from such mini monitor. There is one catch coming along. While you’ll get a good performance with typical “low” powered integrated or power amplifier, all new horizon opens up in combination of amps with higher damping factor and enough watts under the hood. In such settings ONE simply disappear into space and show it’s hidden potency. Suddenly a morphing happens. This small cute white box transforms into serious Acoustical Monitor. Do not let size and appearance fool you. Careful amplifier choice will reveal a mini maximum. It will upgrade itself on the speaker ladder at once from hi-fi to high performance with the much-needed potent power amplifier companion.

FIVE can share the inner feelings of music with tube amplifier very nicely. With ONE I would urge you to take solid-state route for greater and truer enjoyment of bellowed audio collection. ONE is s dynamic David in Golitah world of monitor speakers. With its slick size it will fit almost any were needed. From setting good mood in living spaces, working as computer audiophile monitor or even perform the duties of main listening system.

Sound and Music non-stop

Kraftwerk legendary Music Non-Stop comes handy for the analogy here. While ONE demands more careful selection of amplifiers, FIVE is much more easily driven by the “normal” watts.

You can go so many directions when voicing a speaker. It’s much easier to miss the right route or even to let you personal views affect the product in a bit to flavored or biased way. Any emphasis on the specific frequency spectrum breaks the wholeness and balance of sound. It’s also demanding to get the dispersion of full range in a way that doesn't imply any frequency bumps. On top of this you don’t want to loose musicality. Now call speaker designing an easy act. It can be seen as such from DIY projects. Once you move above the barrier of average and mediocre, things get elaborately complicated.

With their Tweeter Array System Ologe Acoustic managed to avoid a typical narrow sweet spot and for that sake recessed of of direct focus . In this way the listening position and exact angle is not of such importance like with most classical single tweeter based designs. This understanding and implementation is not simply copied over from one model to other, but it’s specifically designed and fine-tuned for each speaker from Ologe. Sure love their dedication.

As written in the interview both ONE and FIVE are enriched by the live and emotional aspect and impact of music. They’re set to bring out music alive and with clear attention for true enjoyment of music heritage recorded in past and present.

Let it be the striking guitar and vocal hauling of Muddy Watters, refined and subtle vocals of Nina Simone or Ella Fitzgerald, a bit darken but energetic legendary releases from ECM, 80’s evolutional pop and new wave, clear mantrix feel of Detroit’s techno or live guitars from Tadič – Stefanovski amazing duet. Ologe Acoustic ONE and FIVE moves music with more then enough audiophile DNA and passionate voicing to get blood boiling. And this is happening by no mistake!


It’s clear, that Ologe Acoustic main goal and direction was to produce correct and right balanced sound. One that can have a broader appeal to the genre less musical lovers and audiophiles. Both of their products speaks for themselves. Elegantly, stylish and boldly.

Ologe Acoustic FIVE and ONE are designed in refined way, with clear goal to blend seamlessly into the living space and with as huge emotional impact.

It seems and feels how Ologe Acoustic main motion when designing ONE and FIVE was enjoyment of music. Among all things, this is of top importance in my checkbook.

These speakers are a safe journey and way to enrich musical collection of both music lovers and audiophiles. With great integration of correct materials, psychoacoustics, measurement, passion and listening Ologe Acoustic brought two mature models that raise a bar above expected.

All the little details and quality on both macro and micro level are not in any way connected with cheap substitution that we find in many high-end audio products. Even down to the level of simple and basic things like screws you’ll be surprised by the detail and quality of both material, industrial design and technical know-how implemented.

Having heard so many speakers over my past twenty some year in high-end audio I’m biased when it comes to acoustical monitors. They bring the intimate feeling and bloom that we mostly long for in music. Ologe Acoustic FIVE and ONE are without constrains both tools of enjoyment and reference critical listening.


In our collaboration with Ologe Acoustic we’ll jointly reveal their broad and ever growing product range. It’s my joy to bring such products of passion and love closer to European and global high-end audio world. Watch out for Ologe Acoustic. They bring a lot to the table. In this times when everyone is trying to get cheaper, faster and with more profit such a venture as Ologe Acoustic is a good sign.


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