Tombo Audio PPSC (Passive Power Supply Conditioner test review

How can we look in other way with the things, which do make a difference? In past few years I've seen really strong reactions from audiophiles, when it comes to the things connected to resonances, power cables, micro vibrations etc. It’s almost silly to reject the things of resonances and micro vibrations even on theoretical level. Almost all other branches of industry are putting vast funds into dealing with those subjects, yet in audio for many this seems to be a matter of almost of heresy and fanatical rejection. Why such a ruthless rejections? It might be connected to many products, that just offer mystified performance without some actual background. I can understand this, but there are so many people out there pushing the boundaries of our understanding with their time, funds and passion.

I'm putting my strong efforts to help bringing audio to much wider public. In such endeavor I do believe that we need both scientific and practical (listening approach). While many of us reviewers do have some sort of technical background, we also strongly relay on our listening. As with other things in industry knowledge, mileage and personal interest do shape a listener to the certain degree over the years. I've written many times in my articles how I generally find audiophiles as open and intelligent people. Finally some more funds are start flowing into high end audio in recent years. So not only computers and mobile devices are getting financial injections, but also our beloved filed of reproducing of music. It's a must that we start seeing and understand things in a more broader way. We should step off some luxury paradigm of high-end audio. High prices doesn't mean the high-end performance by itself. While it's true that some specific approach to design, research and material being used can bring prices up into the luxury department, we can also openly confirm that high-end is becoming more affordable in some fields.

I highly respect people who spend years of their audio life's passion and time for refining, fine-tunning and discovering new ways to advance reproduction of the music. Even if those steps some times are not giant ones on the ladder of hig-end, they can bring more involving musical listening. Each small things that brings us closer to emotional impact of the music matters a lot. High-end audio can be seen as a  sum of things refined. In the end only balanced system will bring joy to your listening. How one get there is a matter of preference, skills and views. To each it's own. What matter is the music and  enjoyment that comes from such an audible interaction.  

One of such persons that bring both love and deep knowledge of audio is Vattana Prasertnasung of Tombo Audio. Even a brief interaction with this gentleman reveals his un abridged knoledge, passion and attention to detail. His views are strong and I could instantly relate to him in our interaction.

First product that came for a review in our collaboration is... with special power cables coming soon.

Tombo Audio PPSC is a Passive Power Supply Conditioner, but I tried it in quite few different situations as suggested by Mr. Vattana. To name a few I tried PPSC under Tom Evans phono preamplifier, Gigawatt power distributor, LessLoss Firewall, April Music Eximus DP1, April Music Eximus S2 and below the motor of my reference turntable were of different results. There was a constant change in all, but a degree varied on a certain use. My listening notes brought up the same things. Small changes of perception of speed, timing, pace and atmospheric impact of music. While I had few notes pinned down to the blacker blacks it's sometimes hard do exactly describe the changes. So when I hit on the repeated remarks this become a stand out and at thing that matters. The red line with Tombo Audio PPSC positives are more then worth mentioning. PPSC is for sure a device that is not to be missed. It transcend the "basic" function and open up the world of "safe" tweaking, that it wont fail in almost all scenarios. 

Stay tuned for more coming from Tombo Audio. 

Kindly take a look at  Mr. Vattana Prasertnasung short elaboration on subject under a review:

Principle to control acoustic distortion right from the source

1. Source of power
2. Source of signal
3. Source of sound

Why ?

We believe if we manage the acoustic distortion from beginning the range are much smaller but if we let them flow through the end the distortion range will become very wide.

We believe floating the equipment with less contact from the stand or racks will reduce the distortion. This principle might be difference from normal practice which developing very heavy and firm stand or racks to support the equipment/device meanwhile the equipment fully contact the stand/rack.

We show simple practice in studio recording, sound engineer will install Microphone floating isolated from the stand to prevent the resonance effects from the stand to make high precision sound recording. Playing back those recording through our sound system if we are able to apply the same principle to all equipment/device our sound system will reproduce more precise sound the same way they are recorded.

Where to Apply ?
Float the equipment/device right from the beginning process to reduce distortion:

1. Source of power
2. Source of signal
3. Source of sound

Facts in Equipment/Device
1. Power plug while plug-in Receptacle will create micro vibrate during electric transfer due to conductive friction in metal and small contact between male plug and female receptacle create micro sparking.

Power Distributor with multi power cord plug-in will create more micro sparking/more noise

The same micro sparking will be created when we plug the cable to IEC socket.

2. When power move through the coil in Transformer unit will create friction/micro vibrate along with magnetic field both of them will disturb the electronic circuit.

3. Air are vibration conductive, condensing the air will improve the air conductive property.

4. Motor unit in all kind of player will create vibration which will disturb both digital/analog signal transfer.

1. Damp the vibration ( Too much damping will make dark sound )

2. Absorb the vibration ( Too much absorb will make dead sound )

3. Isolate equipment /device from vibration ( Too much isolate will make bright sound since

high frequency move faster than low freq )

4. EXIT Principle apply all of them into a suitable ratio and put them into practical solution.

EXIT Principle
1. Float equipment/device to reduce vibrate effects.

2. Leading the vibration to the ground through the screw tapping / twisted rope directing the vibration.

3. Compromise and compensate a proper ration between hard material /soft material so we hear tight/soft sound.

4. Transform the vibrate energy into other form of energy.

PPSC (Passive Power Supply Conditioner) is one of the Exit Principle Application.
PPSC are divided into 2 parts

1. ACP (Acoustic Conditioning Platform) which will absorb the vibration into the membrane installed inside, the membrane consists of very thin wall–air core the wall will polish each other create higher temperature and those small heat are released through the air flow.

2. Acoustic Tray which are installed with Twisted Nylon Rope, the vibrate impact the tray and are leaded through the twisted rope to the end of the rope and reversing those vibrate energy through the same rope, some freq will be balanced through the rope while some freq will be remain inside the tray. Those freq inside tray will be absorbed and transfer into heat and release though the air flow inside the tray. The air will become condensed from inside and release out to improve the room air flow.

Put PPSC under the source of Power, source of Signal, source of Vibration are simply practice to solve the acoustic distortion.

Tombo Audio Products we see music not only entertainment but music are the recording of human culture and human beautiful soul. Beauty of music lay on Dynamic Contrast / Harmonic / Ambient, to bring back beautiful and emotional music to listener is to remove those undesired junk sound then listener will hear what they reserve to hear = their MUSIC.

All equipment/device are nothing more than media of music, the mission are fail when the media itself distorts the music.

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