Clearaudio Concept turntable review test sum up

With many interested in "entry" level vinyl playback here it comes by popular email request Clearaudio Concept turntable impressions. In a way I couldn't call it all as entry actually. This is quite refined performer with many clever solutions. I would still love to see magnetic ceramic bearings, opto speed control and panzer holtz wood as on two step up Clear Ovation model, yet what this package is capable of is more then worth praising. Delrin platter and magnetic bearings in tonearm brings some of the exotic things to this vinyl spinner. This is for sure an contemporary turntable with guts and glory. One thing i strongly suggest is to get replaced stocked Clearaudio MM cartridge with their MC cartridge or go with vast other options. 

I mounted outstanding Goldenote Baldinotti blue cartridge with ease. VTA is easy to adjust and VTF is no brainer if you have digital stylus force guage on hand. If not, still no panic, but a bit more work to be done. 

When connected with Goldenote Baldinotti Clearaudio Concept at once showed what is capable of. LIke it or not in combination with Tom Evans phono preamp and Robert Koda Takumi K-10 preamplifier it ete Burmester 089 CD player DAC for a small dinner. Placed on  bFly audio absorber Base Two and with their Weight for Records PG1 everything become even more refined and aligned in the way I feel music and high-end audio reproduction should sound. Effortless and musical!

While there are still things to be bettered and looking up to the upper scale models, this turntable represent a true kicker in analog reply. Pitch and speed stability can be one thing. It's great, but still not matched with the turntables from upper echelon. 

I must admit that Clearaudio Performance series never moved me, but with Concept and Ovation this legendary German manufacturer under the Robert Suchy guidance and vision brings another strong movement in analog replay. I'm not talking about typical warm - lush character that many still connect with turntable based audio front end. I'm talking about open, musical and dynamic sound that can bring out music from the grooves of vinyl in a way that match transcend digital. As much as I struggle to give thumb up for the so often advertise clear advantage of digital over analog, there are still things to be done on the DAC side. FAQ'S in my emails are pilling up with the same red line. How close digital came? If talking in percentage let me say on this given day up to 75-80 % compared to balanced and refined turntable based analog reply. Nuts? No, I clearly showed in person to many non believers. After playing same HD digital tracks and spin them over on vinyl there were no objections so far. 

Don't be afraid to look into analog and vinyl. Whole cultural thing might happen. Clearaudio Concept turntable is one of the great birds of spring caring the natural message into the world.  

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