Robert Koda Takumi K-10 test and review of musical impact


Having now for some time one of the kind Robert Koda Takumi K-10 preamplifier inserted into my system and going through various systems changes there is no second guessing. This is the preamplifier and a product that works purely within the domains of musical pleasures.

Rarely products like this comes around and hits you both directly and subconsciously. I'm not a person of strict musical genre. Being introduced to various music from my young age I would rather see myself as the lover of music then being strictly pinned down to specific type of music. This often create an elitism and drove people away from high-end. Perhaps a broader look gives me an opportunity for easier insight into the whole broad language of music being used and the way it can impact through my listening to components and systems.

The Blend

If needed to characterise, then I would go for description of different musical mood swings, that goes along with my reviewing and listening time. With Robert Koda Takumi K-10 work and pure enjoyment blend like no other have so far.

Soul searching

Sonic Youth rawness of correct set of emotions evoking the young unsettled in me, Aphex Twin purity of electronically saturated musical language. They move me. Change! Take both Selected Ambiental Works one or two. They are the milestones for any IDM or general musical fan. While SAW 1 might feel at quick listening as almost naive, it's actually an expert voyage into the strangely, but beautiful world of things analog-808 and beyond. Richard D. James SAW 2 takes takes things even further. This album might be more hard to "digest", but then again it's be one of the most hypnotic and out-wordly albums of all times. Recorded in two weeks of full absent of sleep, its more of kaleidoscopic aural event. Pure emotional embargo...

Muddy Waters roaring vocal and his life directness is one of a kind. There is no other way to play and sing the blues, then to live it. Audiophile candy or not Folk Singer still holds an amazing aura and insight into the natural ways of Muddy shape of the hearth. If you don't feel blues with Muddy... Look els were or your heart was pacified with strange wrappings :).

Then Toscanini. An ardent and almost dictatorship like in dealings with his orchestra, yet you cannot argue the result. Love is a hard work they say and his love translated through his conducting. The era and nature of recordings might be in some of his best works "reverb-less" but pure energy flow is there.  Passing on Toscanini is a madness. At least some of his music is a must and remedy itself for any musical lover.

Coltrane? I grew up with his music. Not sure how exactly I found him, but he was and still is my constant life rotation. It's like he knew something above. Before you get me crucified for not mentioning Miles Davis, let me elaborate a bit at least. Yes Miles opened the uncharted territories. Some of his albums are my constant mind traveling paths. He's the master. Now Coltrane for me went somehow even in more esoterically realms. I guess the difference between two is in their life paths and characters. For Coltrane his life sadly ended the spiritual musical journey he took in his later years. On any given day, no matter how chaotic my mindset might be just gimme the dose of Love Supreme at the right volume. All the bits and how crushed the world seems it'll aligned for me in the matter of minutes.

I can go on and on with my musical choices, but simply wanted to illustrate non closed world of reproduction and share impact of bellowed music.

No magic needed 

And... how Robert Koda Takumi K-10 relates to all of this? No magic needed. There is a certain right about K-10 that simply works within the musical domain. For me there are two ways or paths to the end critical sum up and results. One is for sure hard core comparing, listening notes etc. The other one is an instant captivating movement. Robert Koda Takumi K-10 posses the ability to evoke and ignite the right things for music to become live and the real thing of interaction.


In reality there are not so many true high-end and ultra high-end audio gear pacing the earth. True high-end musical boxes drive the music to the potency that can embrace and captivate our inner senses in a way that we truly forget about machinery. Those rare objects have an disappearing act. That specific know how is sadly not carried with so many audio designers. Thanks God, there are still some artisans left that understand both music and electronics in such depth that can relate to us "demanding" ones with their products. Emotional pace.

Diy, My-fi or high-end

I'm not going into pricing here. There are ways to travel the distance... Cheeper? It depends on how much you value your time and money. You got a ways of DIY or my-fi. There the sky, your funds and time is the limit. Unfortunately not many of use have all those in the right mixture and results might vary. With products like Robert Koda Takumi K-10 you're getting into a full breaded product of someone who spend his life pursuing the best in understanding and creating machines that recreate the MUSIC.

Sole conundrum

If at any given moment you doubt my words and take them with the grain of salt, do your homework and ask uncle Google about K-10. You'll quickly find how my passion for this creation is not a sole conundrum.

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