At last, Audiophile dream (can) became reality!?

Pure Sound Transmission Electronics

Andria Sabolcki, BFA designer/co-Owner of Beyond Frontiers Audio have come to unique and industry shaking standout advantage of tube gain stage without caps or transformers in a signal path. "Everything is DC coupled, avoiding frequency phase shifts and filtering."

In the absence of transformers and capacitors sound become free of harshness and with the natural air surrounding the voice and instruments. Stressless and feather like nuances that creates the aura of ultra-high-end audio reproduction can take their three dimensional role into the space of moving air.

CD red-book medium suddenly doesn't seems to be obsolete anymore. Without the typical capacitor role of filtering in certain frequencies BFA's PSTE (Pure Sound Transmission Electronics) evoke what it was missing all along.

This must be as earth shaking as anything. Not coming from the land or rising sun, Burmester, MBL, Audio Research or from old continent, this might not be as broad lighting, but it seems that something new can finally take the place of "chewing the chewed" of so called high-tech of high-end audio.

Expect first listening impression exclusively on the Mono & Stereo. Exciting times ahead in the present where Class D amps are being representing as the pinnacle of the state of the art...

Dream became reality.

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