EMMESpeakers EMMERack Audio Rack

EMMESpeakers EMMERack Audio Rack 

Now many of you are thrilled with this gorgeous looking audio rack from EMMESpeakers. I'll try  answer you emails and private messages here briefly with few first impressions. And Yes, I share you enthusiasm!

EMMESpeakers EMMERack Audio Rack is work of an art. My wife gave great first comment: "This is a rack for kings!" I agree wholehearted. Everything about EMMERack feels great. From packaging, CNC work, chrome finish, artistic Gold leaf finish and little details like rubber rings between joints. It clearly shows, that Martinelli brothers took much time when designing it.

If you're into aesthetics and want to cherish you bellowed high-end audio components with something special, EMMESpeakers EMMERack Audio Rack brings something unique, that I haven't seen yet on the market. Great and unique Gold Age hand finished radiate with a certain aura that gives the rack instant appeal. For me resistance is futile, when it comes to the products like this.

EMMESpeakers EMMERack Audio Rack is currently used in my reference system as the main audio rack for testing and reviewing. Stay tuned for more impressions along and the full review in due time.

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