Art of contemporary Italian high-end audio design with Livio Cucuzza

Delicacy and Elegance in Harmony

Livio Cucuzza is no stranger to the world of high end audio. You probably know him for his recent work with Sonus faber: the recent Amati Futura, Guarneri Evolution, the spectacular Aida and the new entry level Venere line. His influence even extends to the soon to be released Wadia Intuition 01.

But you might not be aware of his work prior to Sonus faber. Working with other Italian companies led me to his commentary when working at Emme speakers. Further research reveals Cucuzza as the design visionary behind many other companies as well – not all are done in house as you might suspect!

A fan of Sonus faber for some time, I’ve always watched and owned many of their products over the years. Founder Franco Serblin’s genius left a strong imprint in the companies heritage, yet the new direction under Cucuzza forges a strong, new path with a solid connection to the past to provide continuity. Moving into the 21st century, the product line evolves at both ends of the spectrum with the Aida as a statement speaker (some technology derived from “the Sonus faber) and the new Venere, and the rest of the lineup evolving at a quick pace.

Livio work before Sonus Faber - Fine Sounds
A true artist evolves over time, and each new Sonus faber product blends the world of the artisan with that of the industrial designer, into something truly unique. The so called “leitmotif” or consistency, throughout the range, shows through in all of Cucuzza’s projects. It makes one wonder if his hiring by Sonus faber and the Fine Sounds group goes beyond coincidence. While many comment on his young age, perhaps this is his strongest asset. He will only mature further as all great designers from here and his daring vision will open the door to Sonus faber even further. Where some designers working at this level come across as ego centric, Cucuzza carves his path with a humble attitude and respect to the past and present work of Sonus faber.

My exclusive interview with Cucuzza here is a great insight into his personal vision and passion.

Some of the works, that Livio made before Sonus Faber - Fine sounds:

Audia Flight Strumento Series

Norma Revo Series

Jakob Ludwig Dac-1

M2 tech Young and Vaughan

Mad for music Model 9

Emme Speakers Gamma and Beta

Lector universal player

Livio Cucuzza

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