Aqua Acoustic La Diva CD transport

Art of redbook

Now this is what a dream CD transport should be equipped like. Does it seem all that obsolete now? No... I really wonder where would this take the music in combination with converter....


· Ultra high performance proprietary ISDC digital decoding (Isolated Synchronous Discrete Circuit) and clock manager
Acculink (I2S protocol), our uncompromising digital connection, employs CAT6 cable to transmit to the DAC

· Transport unit: top loading Philips CD-Pro2 customized

· Separate custom-built toroidal transformers for digital and servo motors/actuators to prevent interference

· High-performance multi-stage voltage regulator (high-current stage for accurate servo cd rotation, tracking and focus)

· Appropriate error correction algorithms

· Galvanic and magnetic isolation between CD drive unit and digital output

· Anti-resonant high-mass iron sub chassis with Nextel for the Drive unit cancels internal and external acoustic and mechanical vibrations, enabling exceptionally accurate "Red Book" RF signal

· Moplen clamp to avoid flywheel masses and vibrations

· Aluminium top loading tray machined from billet

· Aluminium anti-resonant cabinet with Nextel

· Device firmware upgradeable

· Fluorescent display (VFD) with user off-selectable illumination

· Designed and handmade in Italy

Acculink (I2S protocol)
BNC coax (S/PDIF)
RCA coax (S/PDIF)
ST fiber (AT&T)

BNC word clock

List price: € 7.590,00

The result: absolute transparency, precise, deep, bigger, high resolution sound image.

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