Arte Forma Perla preamplifier

Surprise of the year

It's started as a great 2013 surprise of the year and it's still holds it's title with same pace. Arte Forma Perla! Preamplifier and DAC combined under one chassis captivated my hearth and mind. This is not only very slick and functional designed preamp with large blue LED display, great dot based visibility, opto volume control with the smooth gain curve that puts even Burmester at thinking, but refined musical machine to look upon. 

Standard 300 + hours "burn-in" period is way over and serious listening has begun. I will not talk only about performance that goes way beyond it's price range, but also about things done right. Perla pays clear tribute to legendary  Goldmund Mimesis preamp with its appearance, but it is distinctive enough to stand strong on its own fit and with special aura. 

Norman Yang and team of Arte Forma Audio really did great work here. Musicality, proper gain structure, one of most impressive integration of the DAC and preamplifier and seamless integration of technology that simply works in the day to day usage reminds me on daily basis how great high-end life-sytle products makes all the sense when done right. I cannot recall last time i found the dealings of an preamplifier workings in such well thought and "polished" way. Don't let the price sticker gives you any virtual indications or reservations about this preamplifier performance. This one is a keeper!

Considering this is a solid state preamplifier it doesn't sound in any way like one. I written many times how contemporary preamplifiers can sound both like tubes or solid state regardless of what's their core topology. It takes quite some knowledge, R & D and passion to create preamplifier that is both musical, transparent and in my view with enough natural "darkness" to works magic in illumining us with the replay of the music. Arte Forma Perla closes the gap between the tubes and solid state so smoothly that can be only inspiring. Few of my colleagues heard it and I did't imprint any of my findings prior to the listening. They felt the same or much to my extend. You can also check some of the last year show reports about Arte Forma performance if you have your doubts in my passionate response. You'll get only more entrapped ;). 

I didn't even finish my listening and writing for a review, but Arte Forma Perla preamplifier is a surprise of the year and a clear winner of Mono & Stereo upcoming award for excellence and value. Products like this bring back the faith of "real" high-end for the people. High performance for down to earth fair pricing and with capability of past 10k + preamps. 

Again, as many of you ask me in your emails. I focus on the things extraordinary and of musicality. I'll probably make it publicly one day the list of components that did't come to the stage of writing a review simply as I felt their performance was below mediocre regardless of price and an assaulting the music lovers and audiophile intelligence. 

Full blown review is coming up in due time. Click for more pics...

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