Audioheaven custom handmade silver cables

Pure silver goodness 

Now something completely different. We all know about silver conductors and silver as audio medium or material used in high-end audio. There are vast offerings of silver cables. From cheaply affordable to the sky high priced ones. I'm sure most or at least many of you share my experiences. Hard facts, but there are only few cables worthy of the true silver value performance name. Why and would this mean exactly?

Kondo San started the revolution or elaborated evolution of silver in high-end audio. Many thought (and many still do) how this all is pure snake oil and screwing up with the minds of the people. Why? There is no problem in getting OEM silver and claim so called high performance just for the sake of implemented silver. So I can understand of feelings of so called audio jewellery.

Kondo San

Kondo San was not trying to mystify things. By those who knew him, they would describe him foremost as empirical man with esoterically ideas and views. Most of people don't know, but he was both a professor of electronic engineering and molecular metallurgy. Why this elaboration? As soon you write something about special audiophile cables blood boils with distrust and strange energy burst. When it comes to silver Kondo San worked with a basic molecular structure. Now take any OEM industry silver and see what happens to the crystals with fast non "non" controlled moulding and stretching. It makes all the difference with the right temperature of cooling down and slow "stretching" of the wire. This is where the magic happens; on a crystal level. Audiophiles tend to respond sceptic about this kind of attention to details as missleading. Just do the uncle Google homework with how even thoughts can affect the basic structure of crystals. Simple water experiments results were ...  Shocking. For further non believers study some of the latest findings in ultra cable conductor industry. Many people laughed when high-end audio industry introduced cyro treatment. What most don't know is that scientific industry experiments brought almost perfect if not perfects signal transfer results with freezing the cables down to some 200 degrees minus Celsius. Again, crystal structure changed...

Audioheaven quest

Audioheaven is making the review sample of RCA interconnects for Mono & Stereo and they'll documented the working process. This is a unique opportunity to see how hand-made things value and make a difference. I'll report on final result through my listening notes, initial impressions and with final review. 

For the topping of the cake Audioheaven is getting their stash of silver from the same Italian linkage that Kondo sourced his.

Audioheaven cables are all handmade from nature silver. They melts and mold the silver by hand. Each wire is tested tonaly and every wire is measured so that all the wires have the same impedance. Further on they auditioning separately all the wires for achieving he same tonal balance and dynamics.

With such process that can took few days cables are only made in very small amount due to the time put in every cable. Am I excited. To the roof and above :). Stay tuned as usually for first impression, listening notes and full review in due time.

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