CA Electronics Ceramic Cable Elevators

Heavy lifting

Let me start preface with some facts from Rogier van Hoof about Ceramic Cable Elevators-

- The Ceramic Elevator will prevent static electricity from the floor effecting the cable's. Ceramic of course is a good isolator for it.

- The Ceramic Elevator will absorb small vibrations, causing microphonics. ( This will result in a blacker background, and a more balanced soundstage.

- Of course the placement of cables apart from eachother is easyer with the elevators, so they do not touch, thus interfere with eachother.

When people having carpet on the floor, the cable elevators will have more effect than in setups where the flooring is out of natural wood, due to having more static electricity problems in general with carpet.

I already presented CA Electronics CA Electronics Ceramic LP Puck Light Weight  and CA Electronics Cones. Rogier van Hoof took and interesting path of using ceramics as an integral part of his high-end accessories. Ceramic is the material that is reasonably easy to work with and also carry some unique features. 

The path of the ceramics

Basic role of Cable elevators is without a doubt lifting them from the surface beneath. When it comes to high-end accessories there are always people complaining about the real logic behind their appliance. For those "non-believers" let me stick to the most basic principle. Keeping their valued cables from the contact with the floor beneath and preventing the dust to enter often used sleeves that are permeable. 

Not to the more elaborated views not only for tweak geeks, but also for serious listening aficionados. Cable Elevators role is to damp both small and heavy vibrations that transfers further into the distortions influencing the sound in non desirable way. 

CA Electronics extensive work with industrial ceramics let them to refinement of material that is electrical resistive works that passively act in preventing interference from static electricity often induced by carpets or any synthetic materials from the surroundings. 

Physics and energy transfer 

Further role of elevators are the damping and transfer of the sound frequencies to the further energy. We all remember the basic physics from the school at how energy never cease to die, but transfer further into another shape of energy. Rogier van Hoof and his CA Electronics team deal with   vibrations in the whole frequency range and transfer them into heat. Ceramics inherited structure is great for this particular implementation. 

Further on the basic resin like inner structure of CA Electronics Ceramic Cable Elevators works in this case to an effect and external glide smooth finish is protective and non aggressive with the cables used. 

Sound impact

Like with all high-end accessories experiences are subtle and differ from one to another. Still there are basic rules that should apply in general way to any audio system. People often rush with their conclusions when it comes to the tweaking their system. This implementation can be of a basic start role or the end of system tuning added as final refinement. 

With such a delicate dealings I always tend to try and listen in the late night sessions. When everything calms down and energy of a hectic day and power stations it at their 'healthy' state. 

From my listening notes I could decipher those things from using CA Electronics  Ceramic Cable Elevators. Tinny shift of dynamics, a touch of more refine bass with Cowboy Junkies and Robert Plant duo with Alison Krauss and I could spot more clearly the workings of limiter in Vladimir Stefanovski - Miroslav Tadić Treta Majka guitar playing.

In a one sense those might sound as miniature improvements in the high-end view perhaps not so small.  In the ultimate way we're always dealing with last few percentages when it comes to the subtle changes and nuances of positive working changes. CA Electronics Ceramic Cable Elevators are capable of that impact no matter how small it might looks from the distance it have a positive charge. 


CA Electronics Ceramic Cable Elevators represent a great value. If you ever wanted to experiment with the way elevators effects the performance of your system here an affordable way to set you record straight. CA Electronics Ceramic Cable Elevators works effective as a passive devices, that will let you "tune' your system and deal with the 'herbis' effect on the sound. Their basic design let both small and thick cables being elevated from the floor and are great investment for future. 


Sold pers set of two pieces
Height: 60 mm
Cross-section bottom: 60 mm
CA Ceramic cable elevators will accept thick cables with ease, while remaining completely stable.

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