EMMESpeakers Beta arrived


EMMESpeakers new version of BETA in the Red Passion finish just arrived. I do fight with the heat, but I just couldn't set still and resist. Martinelli brothers sure know how to ignite my lights. EMMERack reviewed here everything about Beta's is refined and manufactured to the highest standards.

First feelings? Lamborghini like. Passionate to the moon and with appeal that cuts through your perception. Check out the pictures below.I had to replace black Astri Audio diffusors-panels with the red ones to give them right luxury appeal. Visual impact is over the top. Red Passion finish is really something to see in person. I tried to capture the spirit of the colour and above picture perhaps capture it most prominently. As it changes with the position of light source you'll always hard pressed to pin down the right palatable tone.


They didn't came just to look gorgeous, but to perform at certain level. High-end; high-performance! Warm, transparent character with correct timbre and from what I could scrutinise in first short listening so far with broad frequency spectrum without bumps or holes.

BETA EMMESpeakers comes with a luxury appeal, which seductive both visually and sonically.

Stay tuned for more impressions and review in due time. Thanks Lorenzo.


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