EMMESpeakers EMMERack Audio Rack test review

Timeless elegance from Italy

When it comes to aesthetics high-end audio seems to be catching up with a bit slow pace. Only lately we can see manufacturers reaching out to the designers in helping with shaping of their products.

Form follow function was the main motto for decades, but I think we all share the same views and hopes at least to some extend when it comes to the better looking devices in high-end.

Audio components become an integral part of our lives and not many can afford a dedicated listening room. Along that; living rooms set with the furniture and real day to day objects surprisingly often present better accessories for “quasi” room acoustic dealings then many so called proper treated rooms.

In the age of emancipation, globalization and informational freedom we break boundaries of what our environments should look like and with what energy shall they breath.

Another thing to discuss is a luxury definition. More then often audiophiles and even music lovers tend to discriminate anything connecting luxury, fashionable and stand out designs with high-end audio. Those times are over and I simply suggest those bothered with luxury aesthetics to pass on and enjoy their views of how things should look like in they narrow way. Life should be able to offer the things of beauty if wanted or needed…

Like in high-end watch, upholster, clothing and other industries high-end audio should not be an exception of great design. For me with certain price sticker it becomes mandatory. Slowly some trends do penetrate into an audio industry and I’m more then happy for objects like Dan D’Agostino Momentum amplifiers, DalbyAudioDesign products, Sonus Faber speakers to appear etc.

I know, that with quality design many compromises are still needed as designers have to work within given constraints and proportions. Modern industrial design already works in the great playground of imagination with mixture of modern and classical materials implemented into a refined designs.

Meet EMMESpeakers          

I came across EMMESpeakers when connecting the dots of the route leading back to Sonus Faber main designer Livio Cucuzza for my article The Art of modern Italian design. He’s responsible for the design of Emme Speakers first model of Beta speakers and this is how I discovered unique and interesting brand named Emme Speakers.

First things that strike me when getting to know about EMMESpeakers was sense of seamless design. Everything around the company was enriched with the hidden aura of elegance and hidden potency of passion. It clearly shows how design language of brothers Lorenzo and Paolo Martinelli speaks differently to a high-end audio .

It’s said that within design creational space every line and curve matters for the final outcome. With EMMESpeakers my aesthetical was instantly addressed and I could recognize the “carved out” principle. This refers to Michelangelo logic of extruding the unneeded for the finalization of the wanted object of art.

I’m quite a picky when it comes to the finer elements of design and my friend and few manufacturers know that I can spot an “anomaly” or something out of “focus” in heath beat. So, yes I’m judgmental when it comes to imperfections. At once my inner guts rejects something non functional. This might be both a gift and as course. As you move within certain universe where things simply clicking to you clock or not your choices any enjoyment becomes of limited nature.

EMMESpeakers EMMERack Audio Rack

Review sample came in a standard EMMESpeakers EMMERack Audio Rack Package. Two normal 200 modules and one bigger 300 module.

EMMESpeakers EMMERack Audio Rack is a modular concept, which allows you to freely combined shelves for the need of given audio system. This not only works within typical high-end audio rack domain, but also extend to the appliance of EMMERack Audio Rack as monoblock, power conditioner etc. implementation.

All in all EMMESpeakers EMMERack Audio Rack system provide a true modular approach that not only allows you to combined desired number of shelves, but also the height. With the way EMMERack Audio Rack feet are designed you can combine them to any given height without a problem.

Wholeness approach

Emme Speakers EMMERack Audio Rack addressed my urge for the beauty of surroundings integration like no rack before. My wife is usually unattached with the general techno feel of audio racks and high-end audio equipment in general, but first comment in seeing EMMERack Audio Rack was: “This is a component rack for the kings.” I couldn’t put it better myself. As I elaborated above about the importance of harmonious needs of living environment we more then often forget about the power and need of general acceptance of people that we share out life and quality time with. . Admitting it or not WAF (wife acceptance factor) is of vast importance and feeling of great synergy in home is more and more important.

Make no mistake. This design is not strictly attached to living rooms. EMMERack Audio Rack is designed so profoundly that will breathe in any space given. With its power of classical and elegant design it will stand on its own with style in any demo room, contemporary minimalistic home or palace when shown in one of their high-end finishes.

Italians do it better saying doesn't come without a fixed ground facts. I haven’t even touched yet the wonderful and unique Golden Leaf Finish that helps in carring the classical flavor of timeless Italian mastery of hand-crafting with EMMERack Audio Rack. Read on…

The ancient technique of gilding.

The find the birth of the gilding with golden leafs in the medieval period, particularly used in Byzantine and Renaissance arts.

For centuries it has been the finest finishes available, a symbol of luxury and exclusivity.
The technique requires skill and absolute confidence with the artisan tradition.

The entire making of gilding is characterized by a precise timing of each step, which can not be disregarded in order to ensure a flawless effect of the final product.

The manufactured in wood is first prepared with several coats of primer, which is repeatedly sanded between one coat and its next.

Once the background is perfectly dry and stabilized, starts the process of gilding. A surface for a time.

It begins with the drafting of the "missione" (in antiquity a mixture of linseed oil, resins and pigments), a special glue that will ensure the perfect and final sealing of the leaf on the piece.

After drafting the "missione", which must applied in a uniform manner by removing even the smallest bubble, need to wait a variable period up to 24 hours, depending on the climatic conditions, before laying the golden leafs.

The application of each leaf is done by a special brush with bristles of “vaio” (a kind of squirrel of Siberian origin) that allows to raise, through their static electrification, and place the metallic thin film without the use of hands, which could cause the damage or, in certain cases, the irreversible oxidation due to contact with the skin.

Then the master artisan cover the entire surface spreading every single leaf whit a brush, following a design grid or completely random, thus creating truly unique works every time.

Once completed the gilding, the first layers of glaze paint are applied, in order to protect the sensitive underlying metal.

Only when all surfaces are decorated, successive layers of glaze paint are applyed, interspersed with sanding. A final polishing completes the gilding making

The final result is a flawless, luxurious, unique finish that, while basing its roots nearly a thousand years ago, remains ever fashionable. Perfect to supplement a classic furnishing as well as the finest interior design of modern taste.

Golden Leaf Finish

Let it come to the traditional Italian architecture in Palladio style with golden sealing’s, or leit motive of traditional Italian internal art and d├ęcor EMMESpeakers Golden Leaf Finish takes an important role in the looks of the final design of EMMERack Audio Rack. Golden Leaf Finish is only one among company finishes and Lorenzo assured me that Bronze Leaf Finish is even more compelling to some. I’ll report on this after this years Munich high-end show where they’ll present it. Leaf Finish is not exclusive only to company audio racks, but share the optional finish cover also to the speakers.

Golden Leaf Finish is not only a beauty on the outside. With their unique formula and working process it also deals with the resonance dispersion. The recipe is company trade secret, but as with modern finishes that are used in aero or military implication special ingredients adds an important part with dispersion and emission.

Rubbery cleverness

Along with other small details and paint striking attention company takes I really loved the way Emme Speakers incorporated rubber O rings into the feet. Starting from the lover three feet holders that carry lower shelf spiked feet this design not only works from a practical way of keeping your floor intact, but in the matter of damping the resonances. Each structural joint is damped by the rubber ring, which sits nicely in the CNC drilled placeholder. In this way from ground, to extended feet combined, to the place of contact of feet and shelves everything is cleverly damped with rubbers. This gives a performance boost and it’s dealing with resonances on both micro and macro level.

Beauty to stay

At first sight feet that carries the shelves looks like standard chrome. You couldn’t be more wrong. Something wasn't letting me a peace of mind as their glare and shine was really different. I inquired with Lorenzo. As with everything else Emme Speakers took everything further to another level. Feet are actually an Inox hand finished. This means that even after years of usage they will not be attacked by corrosion. They will stay the same. With products like EMMERack Audio Rack you’re clearly buying something worthy of lifetime.


In the day and age where design becomes more and more important and where objects d’art are became structural partners of our everyday living energy we cannot live in the absence and importance of elegancy within high-end audio industry. Call me a snob, aficionado, connoisseur or design geek. For me the power of timeless design will always make my blood boil and more importantly it makes me feel better and more appreciative about things I own. Design adds a wholeness value.

People try to escape the luxury labeling of high-end audio, but let us be honest. Where does luxury begins? How much did you spend for you bellowed high-end audio gears? Do you love the feeling of proudness of ownership? I do and declare this boldly! Why should we be restraining ourselves from the way they’re presented?

It doesn't surprise me that EMMESpeakers clients reaches strongly around the world strongly to Dubai and Far East. We often mistakenly connect their spending habits to the extended funds. Let me tell you from my experience. These are the customers and people with highly developed sense of style and with certain style pedigree that cannot be bought. They don’t fall for bling or imitation, but they have strong developed feeling for the real luxury.

In high-end audio circles I highly respect those audiophiles and music lovers as are they carry the true spirit of friendliness, gentleman dealings and are the man of both culture and taste. Something that we at west seem to lack more and more.

EMMESpeakers EMMERack Audio Rack is the best looking high-end audio rack I have had pleasure to spend my time with in my home, demo salons or at shows. It offers structural damping and dealing with resonances in the one of the kind packaging that will meet the highest aesthetical needs.  It’s highly functional and with the design that cut the perceptions on how audio rack should looks like.

For anyone wanting an audio rack that stand out and pleases most intimate urges for classical and contemporary aesthetic there is no way to pass on EMMESpeakers EMMERack Audio Rack. It’s a functional luxury redefined!

There are numerous finish to set an individual style, but I urge you too look at Leaf finishes. They are timelessly classical!

Along with  EMMESpeakers BETA speakers, EMMERack Audio Rack receive the only Performance, luxury and style Mono & Stereo Matej Isak award so far. 

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