Signal Projects Audio Hydra XLR and power cable

Strong signal connection

Signal Projects Audio Ltd. XLR interconnects and power cable are now closing on 300 + burn in time and I can write up few impressions. Expect full review in due time, but for a quick tease here we go.

Often people ask me why I don't publicly tear up things apart. Well, perhaps someday I'll release the list of things i did't want to write about or companies chasing me for a review, but so far I'm rather concentrating on the brands and people in high-end that actually make a difference with certain attitude. I love the healthy friendly dealings, professional correspondency, technical know how, heritage and use of material that matters.

Nick Korakakis background is in pro audio and it shows by all mean in most positive way. Everything about his cables is logical and transparent. No mushrooms here. Professional approach without mystification and mileage of experience raising a bar above mediocre.

And sound? No adding, no subtracting with enough transparency. Signal Projects Audio XLR's are not holding anything back. With one of the best preamplifiers in the world namely Robert Koda K-10 Takumi Signal Projects's XLR's let let fluid and unmasked flow of energy. I know by hearth many of my "reference" albums. Hydra XLR interconnects let all of the songs I play with musicality upfront. Performance untouched.

As Robert Koda K-10 Takumi preamplifer is almost prone to power cables I tried Signal Projects Audio Hydra power cable with YBA Passion 650 power amplifier, Lampizator Level 4 DAC, Sanders Magtech power amplifier, Mactone MH-300B, Arte Forma Perla preamplifier and Tom Evans Mastergroove phono preamplifier. Results could be called similar to Hydra XLR interconnects, but changes within power cables act in different way. I usually noticed the so called over used blacker blacks, attack transients and whole feeling of three dimensionality. Hydra injected the potency. Late night listening notes confirmed in contemplating. Hydra power cable do affect the performance for better.

Hydra is not Signal Projects Audio Ltd. top of the range line, so I'm really intrigued what Golden Sequence product brings in signal flow. Stay tuned for more insights into Signal Projects Audio Ltd. products in due time.

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