Apoll Acoustics mkII amplifiers

Apoll Acoustics

Olli-Pekka Lehto of Apoll Acoustics Corporation just send the pictures of their great looking Visa birch finished mkII amplifiers together with our power supply. I'll be taking the closer look and review is getting scheduled.

"Apoll Acoustics is the leading audio electronic manufacturer from Finland. Apoll Acoustics products are designed for the most demanding audiophiles, whose expect only the best from their audio systems. Products are unique combination of natural materials with latest and most advanced audio technology. Apoll Acoustics is well known from their powerful class-D amplifiers, which are capable to drive any loudspeakers with great stability and high efficiency. Apoll delivers music that comes to life taking the concept of natural to a new level using eco-friendly materials with classical Finnish design and finest craftsmanship."


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