Franco Serblin

Sad news

Franco Serblin, father and founder of legendary Italian high-end loudspeaker manufacturer Sonus Faber passed away on Sunday, March 31, at age 73.  This is very sad news for the world of high-end audio and music lovers across the globe.

Franco Serblin was one of the few true audio artisans who could seamlessly close the unthinkable gap between the technology and art in the service of music. With his genius vision in the form of timeless design ability he brought many people into the world of high-end and music that would normally never step into this wonderful universe of music. Let it be his appeal for design or sense of aesthetics combined with traditional wood craftsmanship, his work and heritage left behind made him already at his presence in this world a true living legend. His contribution to high end goes beyond as he managed to inspired so many. Both listeners and manufacturers. Every time you see rubber grill protection on any speaker...

He'll be missed not only by his family and relatives, but by large community of audiophiles, music lovers and people with genuine taste for music and design.

If I can speak truly about Italian design historical impact and history written, then Franco Serblin contribution was as important within speaker industry and high-end society as was Palladio in architectural.

For me he'll live imortally by his work, spirit and genius. Unlike some people lack of understanding Serblin showed how speakers can be more then just a sum of computer simulation and wood. He added soul. These days anyone feels like great designer...

There is only one more person being not among us that I feel the same and this is the late Kondo San of Kondo Audio Note Japan.

I'll report more in due time...

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