Gainclone, magic and great combo

Mighty combo

Peter Steinfadt, Western Electric interconnects cables, April Music Eximus DP-1 and Clones audio 25p power amplifier. Great combination. Clones audio 25p liquid almost SE like characther makes music run effortless and fluid. DP-1 is never hard to recommend for all the great attributes. And Hoergesellschaft cables performance holds nothing back. Peter confidence in this NOS is spot on. You should try this one...

Clones audio 25p power amplifier got my full attention now. It's simple to handle and when used in right combination this is an amplifier one can easily live with. If you like tube like SET sound without a hassle of the tube heat and discfunction do not pass this little big musical black box. You'll just need small monitors or efficient enough floor-stander speakers.

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