I am worried

Anssi Hyvonen insights

Interesting article and view on current audio situation. 

I am a passionate sound man and I am worried yet full of hope. Many things are far from perfect, but I have already seen how quick the positive progress can be.

TODAY: Hifi and music have gone their separate ways. Most hifi companies are not focusing on reproducing the original. They are focusing on reshaping the original to something they feel is larger than life. 

TOMORROW?: The original idea of high fidelity was honest and unchanged reproduction of the original event. The maturation of digital technology gives us access to something we could only dream about before .ie the mastering file. Now with correct tools we can deliver an undiluted vision of the artist and reproduce exactly what the mixing and mastering engineers painstakingly created.

TODAY: Music industry free fall continues. New ideas a welcome. No music means no need for high end audio. Music and playback industries have never sat in the same boat. In the future we must work together to survive.

TOMORROW: The same mastering files I have in my computer now can be purchased by the public. Music makes and playback side start increasingly working together to bring an undiluted artists vision from studio to customers homes. Best part – they understand that by going past mp3 the emotional delivery is difference and are willing to pay for this.

TODAY: High End as gotten so complicated and expensive that not even those who sell it can setup a system in synergistic fashion. Let alone afford it.

TOMORROW: Convergence, digital maturation, pro and home markets moving closer to each other bring down the prices and call many people´s bluffs. Smaller innovative companies who care have a change of getting their views out as well.. As a reminder what is possible already today we created a 10 000 Euros system, which is easy to use, yet performs at a mastering quality level .

TODAY: Vinyl playback remains the preferred media of the few devoted enthusiasts. 
TOMORROW: We keep the convenience and flexibility of digital yet reach similar emotional delivery level regardless of media used.

TODAY: Dealers sell the products which are best for them ie. offer most margin. Not the products that a best for the customer. This leads to many disappointments which slowly diverts people´s attention and money to something else.

TOMORROW: New breed of dealers emerges. Those who can reinvent themselves and give first class customer service will prosper. Special retailer is no longer the sole source of information and often customer are very knowledgeable and will demand options.

TODAY: Specialist retailers are important part in allowing customers to evaluate the product.

TOMORROW: Specialist retailers are important part in allowing customers to evaluate the product. But they must increase their knowledge level regarding streaming, networking etc. Selling CD players and tuners simply does not cut it anymore.

Anssi Hyvonen
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