Modern art and life style of high-end audio

The year of the life-style

I think year 2013 is becoming a year of life-style products. As long as we keep great aesthetics away from the high-end audio, we're often stuck with mediocre objects that fails to connect with the people on right level.


I already raved about Ologe Acoustic in my review of Ologe Acoustic FIVE and Ologe Acoustic ONE. Their approach is much different from the rest of high-end industry and in past few years workings within high-end society they're becoming a true brand within brand. Style with strong technical background that serves the music and people. Kindly check my interview with Arnaud Rastoul to get more insights into the brand philosophy.

Style with dimension

Ologe Acoustic speakers bring soundstage and huge sound packed into the contemporary chassis that simply captures you attention at once. Ologe Acoustic approach takes the both visual and aural senses to another dimension. Their products are  designed for the spaces by people who highly respect living environments and act upon their urge to bring technology in harmony of stylish acoustic. 

So its not only form follow facts. Ologe Acoustic work within broader spectrum. They're shifting paradigms. Not only the sound is of importance, but appearance needs to carry their weight. 

Technical elaborated language

Ologe Acoustic background goes far beyond DIY or plain standard technological approach. Their high-tech industrial design employ the refined and precisely planned product with details down to the smallest parts. They go so far in dedication that they even made their own smallest screws. Now name any10-100k premium priced speakers manufacturers with the same attitude.

Ologe Acoustic speaker line represent a thiner and wider enclosure design. Digging deeper about this principle will brought out point of infinite baffle. Two of high- end industry speakers designer I trust and respect most elaborated arund the same thing. If designed 'in box' there is probably not the best way for sound do disappear and fill the room. 

From the roots of a style and design

Claudio Colucci needs no introduction to the world of style and design. is world class designer who among many other task handle Hermes Scenography. 

It's said the the birds of the same kind flew together in harmony. Ologe Acoustic surely found seamless language that clearly opens the world of style and design at once. 

"Espace Culturel Louis Vuitton"

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