Vermouth Audio Black Curse Red Velvet Cables

Passion from Vermouth

Hendry Ramli of Vermouth Audio just send the package towards Mono & Stereo HQ's. Black Curse and Black Pearl MKII Interconnects and Vermouth Red Velvet Speaker Cables are coming in for a review. Hendry invested his life's passion and funds into forging Vermouth Audio cables. Looking forward to hear them soon in one of my systems. Stay tuned for first impressions and full review in due time.

Red Velvet

Vermouth Red Velvet Speaker Cable is developed from the company Vermouth Black Curse Speaker Cable. Using with more advanced technology, cable geometry and materials they implement 9AWG Hybrid Multisize UPOCC Conductors with unique geometry and termination of their “Cold Forging” process.

Black Pearl MKII

The perfect blend of solid core and multi size OCC conductor wrapped in
high quality teflon insulation make The Black Pearl MKII one of the most
advanced and complex cables we have ever produced to date, perfecting the
already sensational old Black Pearl. We decided to go to basic, by having
the main material right. Both types of conductor that we used are believed
to be at their highest grade of purity. This is the best material that we
have ever come across so far, and we are privileged to have such
opportunity in obtaining such materials. Once the fundamental aspect of a
cable is made right, we then incorporated air tubes and cotton filler for
electrical and mechanical purposes.

The perfected Black Pearl, the MKII core strengths materialize in its
ability to produce breathtaking mid range frequencies, taking realism of
sound to maximum. Recordings are projected as natural and vivid as never
before with a soundstage which will thrill your ears and touch your
emotion. Music is produced full bodied and soulful, high frequencies are
complimented with better extension and control compared to the first
generation of Black Pearl line. If I was to sum the MKII and to describe
what its best offering is, "it is the ability to make you feel"

Black Curse

The Black Curse speaker cable is made from an Ultra Pure OFC multi size conductor with independent Teflon insulation for inner core conductor to ensure the most accurate signal and sound transfer possible. It Utilizes a Hi Grade Flexible PVC Insulation which contains soft stranded cotton for the best cable flexibility and RFI rejection.

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