Analog Domain Excalibur circuit

Excalibur - this will change everything

During the show I was invited to 'secret' location by the Angel and accompanied by his son Plamen and Fabian from Zellaton.

Half-hour later across Munich I witnessed ­something so special and out of box, that will change the way we perceive high-end audio amplification. This is actually a matter of ultra high end and even as prototype an Uber amp candidate without a thought. For this actually I’ll have to figure out a new name. Transcending perhaps?

Analog Domain impact

Angel Despotov already made his impact with his out worldly statement amplifiers that won the hearths of quite few most demanding listeners across the globe. I'm talking about people who heard it all and have no restrains in writing a paycheck when performance goes beyond expectations.

You can read my exclusive interview with Angel here to get some glimpse into the mind of his wizardry. But you have to meet him in person. I’m working with people all my life and can spot a “player” in a heartbeat even without opening his mouth. Angel Despotov is a man of different league. Passionate, wit and always ready to elaborate or humor. When we later on picking up the disc to listen for a session my hearth rejoiced with the material. Almost like opening my desert island suitcase. You can feel and see when one immerses him into the universe of music and enjoy every note. It felt like grabbing a cabrio and drive of to the highway without any worries. Just being free and with the bellowed music in the bag. When something becomes reality on forget about reality. Exactly this happened today at listening session.

Beyond mind boggling

What Angel described me few days ago was on the edge of my understanding. Later I understood in the line of true philosophers, that I know how I don’t know anything :). I guess I felt a bit better about myself later on when Angel told me how he showed prototype schematics to few experienced electronic engineers and they all concluded the same. It cannot be done in a real time and operate as a working circuit. As this is so out of this world Angel is planning to release a white paper for Recording Society of America in due time as his finding brings completely new ways on approaching the amplifying.

In the matter of building materials everything else is the same. It’s an execution that goes into mind-boggling state. I asked Angel if he fear not that people will copy his work. He just smiled. As with Excalibur, only one can pull it of. There is not a better analogy then Merlin’s quest.

Energy of motion

It felt like the new circuit has nothing to do with the sound but with pure energy of motion. In my twenty-two + some years of high-end audio I never heard of experienced something like this. The impact was not only emotional, but also ethereal. Imagine something that holds nothing back and reveals everything in a pace that makes you just dive into the music and forget about everything around you.

I’ve heard best A class power amplifiers, I heard bespoke AB class, I’ve tremble in the elixir of tube refinement. Angel amplifier got nothing to do with it. Forget about tubes. Forget about solid state. We all always talk about straight wire. No imprints, no flavors just purity. Here is the purity redefined.

In the realms of ultra high end every little thing and nuances goes under the strict loop.

Earth moves by...

There are few amps on this earthly planet that moves me. One vision might be of late Kondo. His original amplifiers awoke so much emotions that it difficult to grasp. Yet, Kondo San imprint was of Monet, Rembrandt etc. Angel’s takes unaltered route. Now I heard most of what high-end audio neutrality has to offer. For sure comparing to what I witness at the session it wasn't a crystal clear waters.

Most of the time, even when money is not an issue, we deal within proximity of transparency. You can hear the music at it’s best, but you’ll still hear the electronics. For the first time stood still. Timing was not an issue; timbre was not an issue etc. The lightness and featherlike presentation of music was beyond anything.

Defeated and glorious

I can elaborate all day and night long. Still you might think I’m tripping. Getting back to the Munich High-end audio show after few hours was a reality check. Somehow everything stopped making sense. What I heard was a groundbreaking and earthshaking. A working finalized product is coming very soon to Mono & Stereo HQ’s for a world first review. Until then the large portion of my mind stayed in a unique place. Locked willingly at a residence of musical purity.

Stay tuned for exclusive world first review of upcoming Analog Domain new groundbreaking integrated amplifier based on this new circuit followed by in depth interview with the Angel Despotov.

I though things were wrapped up for the ultimate high end reproduction. Man I’m glad I was wrong. I’ll end with what I’ve started with. This will change everything!

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