Audio Suspension ASU-100

Wall mount it with style

Adam Billingham's really put out much efforts into designing Audio Suspension ASU-100. There are many options to wall mounts ones turntable or other high-end gear, but not as elegant and unique as Audio Suspension one. We're used to all kinds of OEM mediocre even branded shelfs and it's nice wind of fresh air to see ASU-100.


"Wall mount is made of 20mm clear acrylic is attached to the wall with 2 polished chrome shelf support. Silicone rubber helps with ensure damping at the wall. At the front 1.5mm steel wire cables secured by polished chrome pos-i-lock supports ensures the shelf is stable, level and able to hold large weights."

"This unique wall mount is made of 20mm clear acrylic, which has great properties for audio equipment as it is extremely efficient at damping unwanted resonance and adding none of the ringing tone that glass can incur. The shelf is attached to the wall with 2 polished chrome shelf supports with silicone rubber to ensure damping at the wall. At the front 1.5mm steel wire cables secured by polished chrome pos-i-lock supports ensures the shelf is stable, level and able to hold large weights while creating a beautiful, contemporary look."


You'll have to have some drilling expertise, but the whole system of mounting is really easy. With inclosed paper template for hole drilling everything get easier. Now only thing that you have to worry is precision of holes and get everything in balance.

Once hung all your worries are at safe place. This shelf is design to carry loads and last. You finetune the levelling with the small enclosed leveller to make thing precise for the instalation of a turntable.

For analog connaisseurs

All sorts of hi-fi, high-end equipment up to 20 kg can be placed on the shell, but ASU-100 simply calls for a turntable placement. ASU-100 is a great example of well thought solution, that deals expertly with elimination of resonance's and airborne sound waves.

With any traditional audio racks there is never a complete absence of resonances. Only stand alone non wall mounting component that comes to mind is a silent active platform used in other branches of industry. Those are great but cost a fortune.

Will wall mounting you biggest enemy to deal with is air waves. Adam solution works within given design and for good.

Elegance in motion

Audio Suspension ASU-100 shelf would won a beauty contest without a doubt among the current competition without a doubt. When opening up the package ASU-100 I was really surprised by what it manifested in the box. Trust me pictures don't do the justice when it comes to aesthetic pleasure of real life interaction with the shelf.

As mentioned above wall mounting gives many advantages over traditional audio rack principle. One for sure is no contact with the floor and the absence of resonances coming from other system components. Additionally if you'll still sticking with the audio rack based line up wall mount will free up one shelf.

Idea might looks simple yet when installing the ASU-100 it clearly shows that the implementation took quite some time to do everything right. I don't recall seeing exact same approach and solution before.

We've seen quite few offerings and elaboration on this simple idea, but non so far looks so elegant yet so transparent. Polished chrome and acrylic looks upscale and fits both classical and contemporary surroundings. Shelf just feels right.

If you're in the market for slick and refined wall mount shelf It's priced right and it looks great with more then enough high-end hi-fi appeal that wont let you second guess to reveal any of you components. Everything about Audio Suspension ASU-100 shelf feels good and refined. If some large high shot brand would manufacturing such shelf they would charge it at least twice or more for it.

Sound impact

Not everything is about the looks when it comes to high end. From my listening notes I summarised the differences between audio rack and Audio Suspension wall mounting shelf. While my reference turntable behold quite substantial weight and its own way of dealing with resonances it's still affected by them. The most frequent change for better was in the domain of speed, attack and consequently in musicality. All the nuances that matters comes alive with the approach like this. Wall can be seen as an ultimate infinite dispersion, yet some things still comes through. I cannot say this is the last solution in dealing with the resonances, but its for sure one that's affordable, great looking and deals with resonances spot on. 


For what Audio Suspension ask for ASU-100 shelf this is really no brainer to recommend. It's functional, stylish, sturdy and ready to take almost any hi-fi or high-end gear. While with some certain Rega and other OEM wall mounts you're getting a simple hi-fi wall mount, Audio Suspension ASU-100 shelf means business. This one is a true looker and a high-end accessory and not just some generic hi-fi kit. Combination of polished chrome and acrylic shelf looks "pricey" and works within domain of dealing with resonances in a more then just positive way.


20mm clear acrylic shelf
Adjustable Wire Wall Mounts for Easy Level Adjustment
Pos-i-lock Cable Supports
Polished Chrome Ancillaries
Supports up to 25kg (dependant on fixings)
Will suit hi-fi of around 470mm*420mm (dependant on shape, please enquire for further details)

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