Avantgarde Acoustic Model Zero 1

World first full enclosed horn speaker active system

Avantgarde Acoustic presented new speaker Model Zero 1. Its completely active driven. Priced around 9000 eur as all in one system. On active listening display there were also legendary trios. Horns are horns. Love them or hate them, but they do bring music alive like few. These year sound was pleasant.

Avantgrade Acoustic CEO Mr. Holger Fromme, gave us a presentation about the horn speaker at general and later on presented the new speaker Model Zero 1. 

He approached the benefits of horn based speakers and how important is the size of membrane and why small speakers cannot recreate sound of large event or instruments. 

Zero 1 is not only an active amplified system, but includes everything in speaker. The DAC, Amplifier and speakers. So you only need a digital input and you ready to go. Holger Fromme pointed out the simplicity of handling and ready to go instant enjoyment of the music.

Bass is driven by Class D 400 Watt and middle and high spectrum are driven by their X 50 w separated amplifiers. Further interesting point is a full digital crossover.

Model Zero 1 is really an interesting concept with really stand out sound and appearance. High-end lifestyle is becoming an integral part of high-end audio and I'm more then happy abut this movement as it will bring more people into the better quality of sound reproduction.


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