Burson Timekeeper stereo power amplifier

Introducing, the Burson Timekeeper

It is a 80W per channel Class-AB stereo power amp which can be bridged into a 240W mono block.  Measuring 265 x 250 x 80 mm the Timekeeper is the same size as the Conductor.   

The birth of the Timekeeper is very emotional for us as it has taken us over 4 years to get it right.  It is unique in the following ways.

  1. There is a growing community of desktop audiophiles.  These audiophiles want high-end equipment that are desktop friendly. The Timekeeper is treating desktop audiophiles with the same respect as traditional audiophiles.  And it offers a perfect mixture of performance, functionality and value.

2. Our Timekeeper is very versatile.  You can start with one Timekeeper running in stereo, then upgrade to 2 Timekeepers when the need arises.  It ensures the relevance of the Timekeeper as the audiophile evolves from desktop to large room listening and from RCA systems to XLR systems.  You will hear it's performance leap from Stereo to RCA bridge then to XLR bridge. 

3. From its IC free circuitry to its high precision programmed temperature sensors (0.2°C variance compared to the standard 10°C variance), from it's transformer which feeds 7 sets of power supplies to its self reinforced enclosure, every bit of the Timekeeper is custom designed and built to achieve our definition of perfection.  You won’t see all the blood and sweat we have putted in, but you will feel them through the Timekeeper. : ) 

release date: June 2013
RRP: 2600USD

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