Devialet at Munich High end audio show 2013

Devialet for everyone

We were all waiting what French Devialet will do after the 15 mil injection. It was worth waiting. What most people hope for is here. More affordable Devialet. I guess there is something for all now. With a starting promoting price of 4.999 EUR it becomes ready to enter many more homes.

I do think Audiophiles underestimate Devialet performance. It's true, that with certain speakers it will fall on it's knees, but combined with right speakers it can give a performance we all hankered for years from one compact and greatly packed machine. Like it or not Devialet took the role of high-tech high-end audio leader. It brings some of the pace that computer and mobile manufacturers are doing it for more then a decade.

With new software update and features it opens up even more adjusting. Two, yearly software updates ensure a future proof path. An interesting time update for both audiophiles and music lovers.

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