EMMESpeakers BETA speakers test review


When EMMESpeakers new version of BETA in the Red Passion finish arrived I was fighting with the heat, but  just couldn't set still and resist. Martinelli brothers sure know how to ignite my lights. EMMERack reviewed here everything about Beta's is refined and manufactured to the highest standards.

First feelings? Lamborghini like. Passionate to the moon and with appeal that cuts through your perception. Check out the pictures below. I had to replace black Astri Audio diffusors-panels with the red ones to give them right luxury appeal. Visual impact is over the top. Red Passion finish is really something to see in person. I tried to capture the spirit of the colour and above picture perhaps capture it most prominently. As it changes with the position of light source you'll always hard pressed to pin down the right palatable tone.

Guilty of not being unnoticed 

Why hide when you have so much to say. Some poets let the poetry speaks in the simple rhymes, others strive for a perfection in elaboration. EMMESpeakers BETA speakers are the fusion of both. Simplicity carved with the sophistication of trained artisan. To often we took industrial design as something, that is a evil have to be done. If we look in the heart of matter deeper, we quickly realise that everything is taken into perception in the present times regarding design. Just look Apple, Hermes etc. All the curves, dimensions and aesthetics are part of a perfect planning. Nothing anymore happens along the way, but by strong dedication and much time spend while designing it.

EMMESpeakers BETA speakers are the child of such fine tuned and dedicated design. The fusion of great sound and aesthetics is not such an easy task as it might see to the untrained eye. In this day and age everyone have a feeling about how easy things are to be done. You have CAD  (computer assisted design) on hand, an idea and the of computer generating the proper sound behaviour of the enclosure. Easy right!? When you're approaching the realisation suddenly each step became important and relevant. Satisfied final outcome quickly become a wishful thinking for most. Like with composing the music. It's not everybody cup of tea. And as known Slovenian proverb sums; leave the shoes to the shoemaker.

EMMESpeakers embraced the art of industrial design and sound expertly. Their works speaks for themselves at once your getting in contact with any of their products.

Some designers spend their lifetime in pursue of Ad Hoc recognition. Other simply work out of the passion and talent with strong dedication and urge. Those seem to luckily succeed in their endeavours. Lorenzo brothers without a thinking falls in the later camp.

Press and play

We might love or hate the world we're living in. Fur sure our movement affect is more local and if not personally then globally. What we can actually do is make our life enriched by the 'right' things. More then ever we need to live with right choices that makes our life better, less complicated and makes us happier.

Music is one of the best ways to give the pace of equilibrium for both mind and body. Its about time we feel good and right about forgetting the technology, rule out the world and feel happy about things we have in possession. It's the time of press and play along with great life-style. Why not enjoying our gear with pride of ownership and great aesthetics along with simple integration.

I shows that Lorenzo brothers think out of the box and in the service of music and customers. I'm trilled about their venture and what future is brining from their hands.

Style and passion

No matter if your environment is classical or contemporary oriented EMMESpeakers BETA speakers comes in the package both unique and timeless that speaks with the harmonically language of both approaches. This is the product that enrich the living space with its pedigree, looks, finish and nonetheless most important sound. With the advancement of technology we finally came to a stage where the looks and the performance can go hand in hand. Martinelli brothers managed to established a refined insight of the high-end audio styling and design. Their efforts and vision already created few outstanding products and BETA is no exception. From it basic curves, stands and shape EMMESpeakers BETA speakers radiate with profound energy.

They just feels right sized and surpassingly sound bigger then they looks like. One thing that skilled designers can mask is the actual size of the product. With elegancy and right curves you can create an illusion of something being different then it is. EMMESpeakers BETA speakers perfectly blended this art that makes Beta bigger, but still not looking huge. 

EMMESpeakers BETA speakers are sized just right for normal listening spaces. They can be also used also closer to wall so that back wall positioning wouldn't minimise the performance, but these are speakers that you don't want to hide even if you're tight on space. 

Perfect listening triangle positioning worked great at my review and from my listening notes.  While their sweet spot is not so tightly dependable on the listening position I always repositioned them in that way. 


BETA speakers didn't came just to look gorgeous, but to perform at certain level. High-end; high-performance! Warm, transparent character with correct timbre and from what if I scrutinise it with broad frequency spectrum without bumps or holes.

BETA EMMESpeakers comes with a luxury appeal, which seductive both visually and sonically. With its energetic nature it gives music that recognisable Italian feeling of letting everything go and enjoy the moment. EMMESpeakers BETA speakers are not closed or dark sounding like some classical Sonus Faber speakers might be, but more on the contemporary side. I would say they're open and dynamic with enough passionate potency that makes your blood boiled to the right "listening" temperature in no time.

We can argue all day long about how high-end products can sound similar, but after all the years in high-end audio I can boldly declare that every product carry the imprint of the designer when it comes to sound. We all have our unique looks and feelings about how to perceive music and Martinelli brothers inserted their view of life, passion and musical enjoyment. And to a what degree!


Only thing that matters when it comes to musical section is THE MUSIC. First things that need to impress me or not is the natural timbre and colour. Second most important is the transfer of musical energy. True high-end components need to be interactive to the point when the bridge is firmly set between the listener and performer. If that fails ultimately, everything else comes as less importance.

As the wind carries the flavour of the nature in the air, so does a speaker or any given component carry the sound and unique imprint of the people behind it. No need to go esoterically or highly philosophical. Many times it simply comes down to the choices. Choices morph into so called "musical" DNA. They are made willingly or sub-concisely, yet they affect the outcome of any material and technology being shaped into the product. As with music which is even more subtle. Affection of emotions implemented when creating a music affects us. Scientists still go around figuring and translating the exact impact of music. I'm more then sure then certain components affects our perception of music with more depth then others. EMMESpeakers Beta's do it with grace.

Nancy Brick album might be my personal discovery of the year. Simple, sublime and primal in its core. When the interplay of guitar and vocal invisibly embrace you there is no escape of emotional journey. The Mountain moves in slow pace, like some poetic slow motion in the classical movie scene. EMMESpeakers BETA speakers acted instrumental in conveying Ron and Rieneke magic. Digital cannot sound great on vinyl... Go recheck your beliefs.

Dire Straits are "great" partners through the years. The band and Mark wizard's  goes in to the creation of so many epic songs. Private Investigation, Telegraph Road etc. Whenever you need to check the completeness of system there are steady partners in crime. EMMESpeakers BETA speakers didn't hide anything. When driven with right amplifier the scene was right and more then familiar.

Pat Metheny is one of the most recognised musical and guitar icons. While many people speaks reversely about his material past ECM classics, for me he's on the right path. I do have to admit that Pat Metheny Group white ECM album get most of the play time. Synergy, melodic magic and the interplay are as fresh as they were back in 70's. There is the joy and free spirit masked behind every note. It doesn't get better then this for emotional impact combined with vinyl. Deliberately I'm not talking about the sound, but the energy of motion. System can either make this an enjoyable event or fail. You might like or dislike the particular ECM sound, but there is no second guessing of feelings being sparkling. Again, EMMESpeakers BETA speakers mojo didn't fail.

Modern audiophile and music lover

Audiophiles can many times create an closed enviroment where not everyone can find their spot. Then again by each year more and more people related to high-end doesn't even want to be labeled as audiophiles. Guess why...

I feel that company like EMMESpeakers represent a new breed of manufacturers. Their goal in not a strict narrow pin pointed customer base, but a broad music loving crowd with the sense and appreciation of things beautiful. And their covering the gap between audiophiles needs and aesthetic needs of present times.

I've written in last year on few ocassion how style is becoming not only important but integral part of high-end audio. Other thing is sharing our world with people we love. With product like EMMESpeakers BETA speakers we have a blend of the both worlds in best sense.


In the world where we even chase our selves with the impact of hectic fast living and never ending schedules, one start to cherish his time more by each year. What ever is left of it should be employed in the best manner. 

Martinelli brothers do not hide their solution and proposition; put your life at a pace of complete enjoyment. Forget about things and jump into the endless universe of music. EMMESpeakers BETA speakers were not created to do things a half way. Everything is done with an pursue of perfection and care. EMMESpeakers demanding worldwide customer base clearly shows, that dedication, passion and hard works unite in the fruitful result. And as said I'm very happy that products like beta starting to appear at much lover price range that most luxury high-end brands would go for. I would't call BETA's affordable, but they are offering easier way into upper echelon.

EMMESpeakers BETA speakers are most radiant speakers I had pleasure of spending my time with. They can never be mistaken for anything else and their energy and capturing of the living environment is one of the kind. That goes along with passionate reproduction of music. No restrains.

If you have a chance do experience them in Red Passion finish. That colour have a killer effect. 

In the world where style and quality of living are going hand in hand more then ever, EMMESpeakers BETA speakers represent a true Italian breeder. Everything around EMMESpeakers works within realms of passion and opulence. They make you feel good, passionate and with the level of proud ownership that many companies product's far beyond their priced fail to ignite. 

EMMESpeakers BETA speakers feels right, sounds right, looks right and radiate with right energy. They can easily been seen in the house of Saudi Arabia Sultan, conductor home,  audiophile nest or in the living room of any sort. And what they all have in common is passionate listening with ÜBER style. Along with EMMERack Audio Rack EMMESpeakers BETA speakers receive the only Performance, luxury and style Mono & Stereo Matej Isak award. 

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