Existence Loudspeakers

Return of the wide-bander  

Marko Reinikainen and his business partner Juho Ritala brought almost whole line of their speakers at Igor Kante's Vklop-Ubiq demo rooms www.vklop-ubiq.com for presentation. We had pleasure of listening to three speakers from their line namely Euphoric, Reality and big towers Empire.

The thing that we listen to Existence Loudspeakers straight for seven hours surely speaks for itself. Not often something keep my listening attention for that long these days. Existence Loudspeakers approach is both unique and captivating. Magic? Yes, some real emotional magic for sure!

After short introduction we started with our listenings. First in the role was big towers Empire. They are  as sight stoppers. From the pictures I had a felling that they're big, but not such. Once installed they somehow blend with the room and loose some of its enormous appearance. Marko told me he can happily listen to them in the small room with correct positioning. As the bass can be adjusted Empire's can be easily tuned and set correctly into the living listening environment.

Empire strikes back

I wasn't sure what exactly to expect with Existence Loudspeakers Empire. Big towers and so many drivers!? Big sound, coherence, blooming bass...? First note strike revealed the nature of Empire's and in a way the "house" sound of Existence Loudspeakers. A natural with emotional impact. Somehow over the night the leit motiv of whole range was the same and as mentioned and never lost continuity.

With Empire there are two speakers on behind in same phase as the front six. This shall provide the coherence and unity of sound. The wholeness.

We started with the Bach and prolonged with new album from Dead Can Dance and other familiar music.

With Viva monoblock energy coming through Empires came alive. Vocals were not harsh even from the start when everything was settling in. Slowly sound started to open up. Listening further we made some experiments with woofers and phase. When phase was changed sound completely transformed and elevated. Sound opened up and now finally a true character of speakers came out. First thing I noticed was a boost in natural timbre. Like with the best qualities of Lowther drivers vocal were magical, but without known frequency bumps. It was an memorable experience.

Empires can play with pace all the music, but i would really say I could enjoy acoustic and vocal music out of the box for prolong time without any distress.

Existence Speakers is a grown speaker, that connect the connoisseur with his favourite music. It might take some adjustments to make it become live in the listening room, but the result is worthy of all the efforts.

Reality check

After the listening in the lower room we moved upstairs and get known with completely different speaker. Existence Loudspeakers Reality was a different take then Empire. Not such a huge in appearance, but very first song open a promising listening.

It's hard to say if they disappeared more then Empires, but on moments my feelings were going towards it. We repeated the repertoire from downstairs and everything was more then competent. Realities were balanced and potent even without the subwoofers being active. Yet, for that final touch subwoofer aded  a healthy touch that made definition of sound just more three dimensional. I guess one can happily live without woofers, as when we later experimented with the positioning, when they were moved back closer to wall we impact of healthy bass was getting without pronouncing and sound right. Timbre was in the same league as with Empire and there was more then healthy portion of emotions flow.

Reality is a speaker that disappear in the room both visually and sound wise. The holds strong attributes for musicality and dynamic impact even at lower volume. This was noticed across all three speakers.

Euphoric and emotional

I was more then impress when we later at night connected one driver based Existence Loudspeakers model Euphoric. This full range "monitor" brought something additional to the picture. Simplicity and feather like airiness. It's hard to describe why, but in combination with Devialet Premier I never heard it play so darn well. It was an instant click. With both Empire and Reality we had to put some efforts to find the right spot in the rooms, but somehow when music started to flow through Euphoric we were just immersed into it. Everything from the bigger brothers were there but at the touch of the button so to speak. This proves my feeling about Devialet. Premier might fail to drive the speakers with difficult load, but with the right ones it shows the magic. On other hand it quickly falls into realms of hi-fi rather then high-end. With Euphoric Devialet brought music so effortlessly and life like that we just looked with Igor and shake our heads more then few times.

Euphoric showed qualities that defy its size and principle. It just shows how much time Marko put into the tuning of the enclosure to make it "alive". He spend crazy amount of time experimenting with different filings for each speaker. Combined with the well thought out enclosure and mentioned know how all the mystery of emotions that Existence Loudspeakers can provide made its stand out debut.


It was pleasure to meet both of the Existence Speakers team. I always said that the product reflects the mind and vision of its creators. Existence Speakers as company is no different. Everything at this night was about emotions. I dare to say that we're very quickly on the same frequency regarding music and sound. Everything was open to discussion and elaboration backed with actual listening. I'll bring more of this events starting with 2013 being more then happy with Existence Loudspeakers opening up the season with rememberable and affected presentation and nontheless association.

Pure music, pure emotions and when set correctly these speakers might won your hearth over. Be on guard... Instantly!

Existence Euphoric Loudspeakers stayed here for test at Mono & Stereo. I'll be putting my attention to them after Munich show. Stay tuned for review in due time.


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