FM Acoustics FM 155 preamplifier line stage

The art of the (non)paid reviews

FM 133 and F155 seems to be devices, that shook even more people imaginations and wonders then I thought. With so many emails and private messages coming in I would feel guilty not to wrap up few words asap about the first impressions and performance.

Before anyone jumps ahead and give me a promoting sticker, stop! To make things clear. I do not own any favours and need not to praise anything, that I don't like. This is a privilege of being my own boss at Mono and Stereo. For FM Acoustics my interest and friendly borrow made it to the press :).

FM 155 preamplifier line 

Let us forget about the prices of given components for the moment. And let us forget about the size and the quantity of materials being used. Let me rather focus on the matter that should count most, the sound. 

F1 gain structure

Not many, but still few (to keep me sane), share my passion and view about high-end and ultra high end performance. When it comes to later two I don't give a flying fu-man-chi about brand names and what is was/is written in some paper-print 'dinosaurs' magazines. Pay per manufacturing viewing pleasure is being known for years. Sadly, I learned along the way how the same (or even worst) logic works for so called independent web based publications. I won't say names, but contemplate around iterations of letter s. Its quite shockingly revealing what you learn from manufacturers when you're not pushing your reviews with the advertising plan. Sad, but true advert budget is the thing that sets the final outcome of a review on more occasions that we all want to know. I've seen from personal correspondence how even one paragraph written in non favour (or slightly biased) way can effect the impact on the readers. Writing is sublime and it sticks in our minds. Good or bad... For some hunting down the disfunction or lacking of certain perfect feature became almost a fetish. Get a life, it's material world and things break down. Everyday, all the time! Yes, even most known brands.

Do I have an issue with this. Well everybody have to put the food on the table and pay the bills, but when objectivity is in discussion I certainly don't appreciate such workings. Calling or acting as in-depended and truthful voice of audiophiles and music lovers with asking clearly for pay check for a positive review is an absence of culture and personal moral values. At the end of the day everyone have to face it's own mirror image. Despite so called internet freedom of speech, freedom is a matter of funds being circulated :).

In my way of doing things I love to explore my freedom of clarity and passion quest. In this way the doors of my love and interest for great gear no matter the labelling or pricing are wide open. For manufacturers and readers. You won't see me writing about things that fails to interest me or show the level of performance I feel is need to be worthy of noting and summing up. 

Ultimate surrender

Now I got this of my chest, back to FM Acoustics. There are really not much preamplifiers that works in the way I prefer the gain structure implementation. Its not just a matter of higher volt output, but how signal gets amplified in the heart preamplifier. 

This is where high end and ultra high end kicks in. FM Acoustics FM 155 surprised me on the first note strike. Yes! My gosh! Mystics debunked :)!

Stressless energy gain. This is where most companies failed to deliver. Instant grace of energy reserve, stresless attacks, the infinite nuances of delicacy and most important musicality untouched and preserved at primal potency. Philosophical? No, just crazy amount of healthy headroom and power on hands. 

For example Lamm LL2.1 could deliver such whoop in quite impressive amount for the requested price. And Tom Evans linear B brings the same burst of F1like emotions to the plate at once. Then there is Robert Koda Takumi K-10 with different, but natural transparent and out of this world musical approach. Not to forget Analog Domain's Angel Despotov Excalibur circuit I had exclusive pleasure to hear at off location from Zellaton. Analog Domain is coming soon after new integrated and it would open even more questions.

FM Acustics FM 155 is small box. Not even too blingy one. For me an appreciation of a no nonsense classical appearance with state of the art performance works perfectly. If it works to desired (and above) degree, then why big boxes? Only to impress the boys?

The role of preamplifier?

FM Acustics FM 155 excel as preamplifier. It is among the best I've had pleasure to listen in my system. In the way that it deals with the gain brings a unique state of the art performance and with lightning fast transients it leaves no stone unturned. It might not have the 150 % stressless nature of what I heard with Analog Domain Excalibur circuit, but it darn good and close to what I sick for ideal. 

In my system, with my cabling, with my knowing expectations from components FM Acoustics FM 155 preamplifier line stage in combination with FM ACOUSTICS FM 133 Harmonic Linearizer brought such an hyper performance that is was shocking. I wrote often, how people are scared of emotions that comes from louder or energetic listening. With both FM 155 an FM 133 everything is bursting in flames of pure energy and emotions. Not pale dynamic effects, but surcharged with lifelike crescendos. Not for everybody and certainly not for the majority of background listening enthusiasts. 

Non of FM Acoustic gear seem to be affordable. Even this affordable line :). It might not be everyones cup of tea, but I'm thrilled when I'm being surprised like this. If only this would happen more often. 

It seems some myst needs no debunking. They operate on the scale of different proportions. Thanks God for that!

FM Acoustics might be on of the most intriguing high-end audio companies around. You've all ask me what's all about. Here and above you could get a glimpse of that "secrecy". Rest of the homeworks  is on you behalf.

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