Gato Audio DIA-250 and DIA-400 Integrated Amplifier

DIA-250 and DIA-400 

The all-new Gato Audio DIA-250 and DIA-400 Class-D Integrated Amplifiers are designed and built to a vision of combining techno-logy, power, sonic performance, connectivity, versatility, stunning looks and compact design.

Both amplifiers feature built-in D/A converters with electrical, optical and USB inputs. High quality analogue input is via RCA connectors or via XLR connectors for true balanced signals. Both balanced and unbalanced line outputs are provided. Even the least powerful DIA-250 offers 250 watts per channel into 8 ohm loads, and the DIA-400 no less than 400 watts per channel. Both amplifiers double their power output into 4 ohm loads.

Modern Class-D technology enables extremely high efficiency, thereby providing both enormous power and huge voltage swing. Besides the obvious benefit of having this much power, the huge voltage swing from these powerhouses gives effortless dynamic headroom without clipping, all in the service of bringing you stunning musical performance.

More info about DIA-250 can be found here, and for DIA-400 click here.

The DIA-250 and DIA-400 are available from June 2013 and we offer three different design variants: High gloss black, white and walnut. Retail prices start from 3.250 EUR.

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