Kondo and Living Voice at Munich high end show 2013

Living matter

I was both surprised and happy to see Kevin from Definitive Audio UK at this years Munich high-end show 2013. As we talked with many people,  Munich is really spreading its wings and importance of participation slowly becoming most important for the world wide impact.

My eyes lighted on when I saw Vox Olympian in the room. Luckily it was not on the static display only, but Kevin rotate two system.

So, is Vox Olympian worthy of the fame? And how about Kondo Audio Note Japan? Vox Olympian played in the full blooded system consistent of Kondo Audio Note Japan DAC, M-77 preamplifier and two Gakouh mono blocks.

Kevin played familiar Water Lilly recording and it was a trip to remember. There is something in the reproduction of music through Kondo gear that seduce you and goes directly into the vein. It's not the most transparent way of presenting things, but for sure one of the most musical and potent one. You're not seeing everything in the perspective of an open window, but more like in the realms of Monet picture. When I used the Monet analogy my good friend replied to me: "What more do you want?" In a way he's more then right :).

There are many ways to audiophile and music heaven. This combination is for sure one path.


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