S.I.N. Audio Power Connection Cord (PCC)

S.I.N Power cable

Second product arrived from Nikolay Kozev of S.I.N. Audio Bulgaria. This time a Power Connection Cord (PCC). As with S.I.N. Audio Power distributor if feels like nothing was left to chance with their power cable.

Here is some preliminary info:

After the launch of our Power Split Device we at S.I.N. Audio decided to use all the information and experience collected during our tests in power area of the audio. As a result we are proud to present our Power Connection Cord (PCC).

Power Connection Cord (PCC) main features:
-       Pure material based power treatment, zero active filters and shielding.
-       Specially selected wires that assure best sound characteristics and optimal synergy with our Power Split Device.
-       Specially designed cable elevator for optimal positioning of the cable for decreasing electromagnetic noise and acoustical vibrations.
-       Customized high quality Rhodium plated connectors, 
     -      Designed and hand-made in Bulgaria

PCC is offered in 2.2 meters length version only. For customs lengths, please contact me for further details.

All PCC versions come with a lifetime warranty.

Stay tuned for first impressions and review in due time.

S.I.N. Audio

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