S.I.N. Audio PSD power distributor arrived

Purity and clarity

S.I.N. Audio PSD power distributor just arrived from Bulgaria. This is an interesting approach of purity and attention to build in materials and technics. It feels like nothing was left to chance with PSD.

I love the the quality of finish and brushing of aluminum upper plate that reminds me on some high-end watches. Along with best materials used S.I.N. Audio PSD versions come with a lifetime warranty of electrical parts, certificate of authenticity and EC declaration. It's solder free design with handcrafted symmetrical internal wiring and common power starting point. They refined the chassis with optimal body design and materials that reduce electromagnetic noise

Some further highlights and High quality parts: Furutech FP – SWS D (R) sockets, High quality IEC Furutech connector, Furutech FP alpha 3 etc.

Make no mistake, this is the device in the range of Furutech Pure Power 6 and Walker Audio Velocitors S.

Stay tuned for first impressions and review in due time.

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